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Your one-stop-shop for all your privacy protection for your information. We are experts in privacy protection on the web, life, home, and business.  We also help you during ongoing government investigations.

 My Story

. I will teach you how to protect your privacy and also how to leave digital prints or stuff make sure your not set up. I have been under investigation by a lot groups already I lost count, but I been watch by Drug units, Local and Federal like DEA, Sexual watch like ICAC they work with many different government units which we will get into, also DOJ, and FBI. I learn many skills from being watch. I am here to protect you. You can refer to me as The Protector!

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I have skill no one has because I have experience it first hand. A lot people you hire or talk to our former police, or worse no experience. 

I will be having a degree in Info Systems, and minor in Criminal Justice, Radio & TV, Film, and Computer science. 

“I took my ideas and helped people all around the USA!”

Why Work With Me?

Do you know where all your data is going today?

     The problem is every device that is connected to the internet is leaking out your private information. When you have an issue with fraud, social media privacy, or website breach, my website will guide you to protect your privacy. I have 5 plus years working in customer service helping people with fraud, spoof, scams.  I have study privacy on top of this for 7 plus years. 

 Have you ever been part of an ongoing investigation and under surveillance?

     I was part of an  five year investigation, and I know how hard it can be. It is difficult and frustrating. There are no resources available. That is why I am establishing Protect Your Privacy LLC to guide people with privacy and investigations. From my experience, I have learned how they work and how to protect yourself from every privacy leak or how to use it to your advantage.  Trust me I have heard it all, I am one person that will help and listen to you. I have tested products, and study all surveillance techniques for 6 plus years. You can search the internet all day, you will not find someone that live threw it, and experience it first hand. I have even done stings against surveillance units to catch them on video breaking law. Say no more and email me.

Qualifications & Awards

I went to college at the University Of Wisconsin Oshkosh major in Info-Systems. I went to Fox Valley Technical School for Electrical. I’m well known for my outspoken, and for the truth. One of my best qualifications is that I will not stop fighting for you any no matter the cause.


  • 3rd-year Info Systems Major
  • Computer Science Minor
  • Radio, TV, and Film Minor
  • Criminal Justice Minor​  At the University Of Wisconsin Oshkosh.
  • Electrical Degree 8+ years


  • Privacy
  • Ongoing Investigation
  • Schematics,  electrical
  • 5+ Customer service helping people with fraud, spoof, scams.
  • Research 
  • Technical problems


  • University Of Wisconsin Oshkosh Business Competition
  • University Of Wisconsin Oshkosh Research Competition
  • Civil rights meeting
  • Trying to change the criminal justice system
  • Outspoken


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