I ask one question why does it seem strange one person like me is willing to risk it all and stand up to fight for what’s right! Why I’m I braver than any police officer! I ask, or I dare a police officer to stand up and when they see fellow officers breaking the law. You do something and not turn your head and act like it never happen. It’s time for a change! Pick a side corruption or the people! I did not know people went to college to become bad guys! I saw more police, FBI, ICAC, MEG force, bribe kids, have their CI sell drugs, burglary, human traffic, and break laws. I will say blue is for Blue! I am braver than any police because they fear each other and stand with each other. I fight for what I believe in and for people. I have stood up to hundreds of ICAC, and MEG unit already, they know who I am. I am not here to make friends! I am here to change the world. If I have a stand-alone, I will. If I have taken on hundreds of police and surveillance on corruption, I will. I always get threats from police, surveillance such as ICAC, MEG, and CI, which stands for cop informant. These people threaten me every day, I still never back off. The only thing that’s stopping them from coming after me is that I have videos of hundreds of them breaking the law, I have the video with a safe person. I keep getting harassed every day by ICAC, and MEG trying to set me up on crimes such as drugs, sex crimes, you name they tried and still trying over four years maybe 6, they keep falling into my stings and traps. Where I catch them breaking law over and over. You don’t believe it. Message me; I set up a sting and wear a wire and show you how easy it easy to catch them breaking the law. I am still tracking to see how far it goes back. Why is it when a cop or surveillance see me they get angry! It is not my fault that you are breaking the law and setting up innocent people to go to jail. I saw this first hand. I am taking a stand! I will take all the pain for my people to gain our freedom of American people. I need people to join the fight. Like my social media pages on the bottom of the web-page and subscribe to my newsletter. Us together, we can make a stand! If you follow. We will make it change! Have trust, and have faith! A revolution is coming! If cops and surveillance don’t change! So police pick a side? If you look all over TV now, you see people kneeling at football games saying they want change. You understand and hear about the story’s all over. Look at officer down in Texas; she walks into someone else place, and she shot the guy. The first time I ever have seen the court sentenced a police officer to jail. We want change! Do you want change? The people were proud that day. Then the police sent a message back, killing the lead person that testified. Saying, “We can do anything” and “If you testify against us, we will get you sooner or later.” What do you think their message was?I made reports to all kinds of agency DOJ, local cops, internal affairs, FBI. Right now, I see its only Blue for Blue, funny thing is I have corrupted stuff on drug units like (MEG unit), Sex unit (ICAC), and police that help them. When you get a call from them to ask you to do something, ask your self, should I be doing this? They can say you’re under surveillance, mess your life up, and try to set you up. This group does not play. All they know how to do is set up innocent people, they are using kids, and pumping more drugs on are street then you know. People had to make reports to officers. It’s so bad; people don’t know how bad it is. Well, won’t someone at least investigates these units and watch them or fly sting ray over them and see their messages. You will; I’m telling the truth! Right now, I am under surveillance and investigation! I will post proof on my home page. Also, I have recordings and videos I will be uploading when I have time to change voices and block people. I have protected people. But they are coming soon, mark my words, me holding back is coming to an end.I am only going to hold some videos to protect my informants and me. I date a girl that was a CI for a year and had a kid with her that is five years old. I started digging for the truth! They used my son for stings, and I am not happy. What would you do if you found out they used your kid in a sting or ask them to break the law? Deep uncover and paying informants to find out the truth. I believe my son has been used by surveillance, and he states things a kid should not know. There are hundreds of kids who are being used by surveillance.. I saw it first hand! I have witness, places, dates, and times and proof. These kids are scared. Why I’m I only one will stand up for what’s right.When I am done with school, I am applying for FBI internal affairs, and I am coming to get them. Since no one will do anything, I decide to go to school to start this company and apply for internal affairs, since no one else dares to challenge them. Since no one will take action I formed this company! Guess what they can’t stop me!I have corruption on hundreds of cops. Sure they fuck up my life. So i will stand for the people. Who do you stand with? These kids and people getting set up need are help. You say its not your worry! If we don’t stop it now before it grows, it is over for all of us. I am here to warn the people and telling the police to pick aside. Do you know the truth about what surveillance is doing? One of these I will find a police officer willing to be the hero and take them down. I have not found one yet. But I can tell you something. ICAC and MEG unit dig so big of a hole for themself and people reporting it, they had to act or role they are cathing their units. But the truth is said, they are doing nothing. But making you think they are. If they did, it would be on the news? One these days, a cop or someone will bribe your kids, and what will you do? Or even worse, if they think you’re an easy target, they will set you up in a second. They will set you up if you think your threat, different, mental, and low IQ. So who is at risk, everyone? If it happens to you, it is you too late because you did not protect your self. I know we have to take a stand! Some of this surveillance at like they are FBI. I have photos to prove it!I got to pull over too and guess what they whip my computers and stole some flash drives, and copy it all. Wow right. Now they won’t even give me reports, or cam footage. They basically held me up. Next time they pull me over. I got to have a plan for them to catch them in the act. Just like I put evidence of cops breaking the law, Guess what they took it, but nothing happens — them whipping my shit. I got to file a complaint about it. So if I’m under surveillance, why do they steal my stuff on corrupted cops and whip it out? Ask your self that? I have tapes and trying to prove that these cops are human trafficking kids and sealing drugs. They pulled me over they found proof and nothin, I will be having a juror trail and showing the people the truth. Big things are coming!


An Insider’s Story of Good Cops Catching Bad Cops. By Charles Campisi This happens to be the fascinating story by the head Chief of Internal Affairs in the NYPD. A chance to learn how a reorganization of Internal Affairs headed by Charles Campisi was so successful in going after corrupt cops in the NYPD and once catching them, giving them the opportunity of either cooperating with telling everything they knew about other corrupt cops for a lighter sentence. Charles Campisi writes in the easiest conversational style making the story of his history starting when he first became an NYPD cop easily accessible to the reader. I felt like I was right there, witnessing first-hand accounts of Charles Campisi’s history and his factual accounts of his many sting operations to catch these corrupt cops. Charles Campisi was Chief of Internal Affairs from 1996-2014. The number of crime and New York City people being killed went down significantly during Charles Campisi’s service of heading up the new and revised Internal Affairs Bureau. To accomplish everything Charles Campisi did for the new Internal Affairs Bureau, Campisi had to hire three times the amount of Internal Affairs Officers that were in place when he accepted his position.