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United StatesPhone number soon will be added. Do not like phones at all even when you have strong encryption line because any microphone can pick up phone call in background. Knowledge from video editing and surveillance a microphone can pick up many things


Open today09:00 a.m. – 05:00 p.m.

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Jobs & Internships

Have videos,audio, pictures, documents, cop cams, court records on surveillance or corruptionWe will pay for your videos or info. Pay is based on info. But you have prove facts are true or examine it.
We also can be hired or leave a donation to look at your videos,audio, pictures, documents, cop cams, court records on surveillance or corruption and see if surveillance is watching you. We do not download any info from emails. You have to upload videos either to YouTube, Instagram and send us link. Soon we will have page to upload your info too shareWe are looking for following people to join our team.
*Previous or current CI’s (people that got in trouble and working for cops). ***(Looking for people that have been been bribed. Also we pay you if you give a statement sign & video what they told you to do and names of people and details. For your privacy we can block out you and voice changer. But we need sign document prove its real. These Jobs Pay by the info.
*Looking for more people to do under cover work for us. We do stings against cops & surveillance. (Pay Hourly) They will not know who you are and were taking info.
Internships ( Just have be at least one semester in school. Do something great while in school to be remember for!) Security in computer Science. Cell Phone field. psychology field (We are working on to publish papers to prove some mental illness does not exits. Join are team and do something for the people and to be remember by) We have a lot more things we need too English MajorLawyers (We are negotiation right now with team of students. ) AdvertisingMarketingWeb managementcriminal Justiceforeign languageJournalismRadio & TVSociologyTheater ( acting & role playing for stings)

Long term Coming SoonWe our going be nation wide. soon. We will be looking for Mangers to run each state for us. We have goals that are getting meet. Email us
Job details well be given if hired for all jobs and internships
All jobs applicants are subject to my background checks and privacy checks.



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Protect You Privacy Now Before It’s Too LateThe World’s richest companies are technology companies. Data and knowledge are the most expensive and desirable commodities on Earth.Data and knowledge are power! Our company has a lot data and knowledge of subjects that NO one else has.Remember, you heard it first at ProtectYouPrivacy.comAccording to a survey done in 2018, there has been 46,000 to 230,000 innocent people locked away.We are one of the first companies to protect companies’ privacy, as well as to protect the people!We reserve the right to turn down clients. All client information is private and confidential. We will not help you break the law or cover anything up.We are only here to help you protect your information, company and personal life. Hire someone you can trust and can’t be bought. We will not give out any information on our clients, even if they subpoena our company. We will notify the client if they do. We will fight a subpoena in court with a lawyer. If a client wants us to stand up for them or help, we can.Copyright © 2019 Protect You Privacy – All Rights Reserved.