Stingray or IMSI catcher


Stingray or IMSI catcher

In 2015 in Washington bill demand police get warrant and make sure they say they are using it. But Have we seen court case yet with this?? Only The hackers.

Sentencing Reform, Are Mandatory Sentences too Harsh?

            The House Judiciary Committee has finally approved by voice vote bipartisan legislation to reform the sentencing laws. According to the sentencing reform, the mandatory minimums are a bad sentencing policy. The mandatory minimum sentencing means that a person convicted of a crime has to serve a minimum term in prison, as opposed to leaving for the judges to decide the length of punishment. The mandatory sentences are too harsh. Anybody who has ever bought a “one size fits all” shirt is on familiar terms with the fact that one size never fits all. The one size fits all shirts are normally too big on most people. The same applies to the mandatory sentencing reforms because courts cannot alter the sentences to fit the offender. Many people are subjected to too harsh punishments that do not correspond to the crimes they committed. In the law, mandatory sentences are based on the type and weight on drugs which bars the court from concentrating on important facts. Such facts include; if the offender was violent or a drug addict, dangerous to the community or not, or played a minor role in the crime. In the law, low-level, nonviolent offenders are subjected to long imprisonment terms contributing to prison overcrowding and deficit in the Wisconsin state budget. According to the human rights and civil liberties groups, subjecting a person to imprisonment for a bigger fraction of their life as punishment for a youthful crime is inhuman.               It is only the federal and state legislature that can change this law. At least 30 states have rolled down the harsh laws. Prosecuting attorneys declare that the problem of mandatory sentences incorporates perpetrators to liaise with their probes of criminal networks and lowers crime. Reformers, however, suggest drug treatment alongside other incarnation alternatives to be economical than prison and more efficient at curbing crime. States like New York and Texas have experienced reduced crime rates despite closing their prisons. However, vital congressional Republicans are doubtful of sentencing reform as they don’t believe that it is an appropriate way towards reducing the crime rate. According to them, the reforms are inhuman. They are also against the fact that the sentencing reforms subject low-level, nonviolent offenders to long imprisonment terms contributing to prison overcrowding and creating a deficit in the Wisconsin state budget. Work Cited Glazer, Sarah. “Sentencing Reform.” CQ Researcher, 10 Jan. 2014, pp. 25-48, According to a filing from the Center for Democracy and Technology, a digital human rights and privacy advocacy organization, companies have figured out how to use inaudible sounds to establish links between devices.

Fair & Equal Trail!

Did you know 97% of trails of done from plea or plea bargains. If everyone starting saying Not guilty or Jury trail the truth is the system would break and go down. We do not have enough DA and Judges. This is why they are using jails to break people. Corruption Maybe we should all take stand and start saying not guilty to break the system to make a stand to change it.

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‘Life after shame’: Hidden camera victim lifts publication ban to empower other women

New Just posted 7/17/19

China routinely installs secret surveillance app on tourists’ phones when they visit region of Muslim ‘re-education’ camps

New Just Posted 7/3/2019

NY TIMES Surveillance of Citizens by Government SO MANY ARTICLES POSTED EVERYDAY


Protect Your Privacy



 Snap chat only offers end-to-end encryption for only pictures and video! They do not encrypted your message or group chats. They say they only only keep pictures and video for 30 days on their sever then erase, This is not confirmed. I am sending letter or contacts to a lot company’s and well put preferred check by it when they agree to privacy and notify us if any subpoena done. I will be also researching it and asking for private info be release to me see what they all keep. Right now their is no confirmations on how long they save text messages or group chats on their platform. But they are not encrypted so remember one rule when using Snap take a pic and send message on it. Also do this makes harder for any program to read what you wrote.

The  tech-based site, Recode, ‘Snapchat messages are encrypted while at-rest on Snapchat’s servers.’ Snaps say they are erase from their server as soon their read.. They also say after their read they can not be read by anyone. This is not confirmed by anyone.Snaps reports if unopened messages stay for 30 days and can be hand over to the law if required.
Signal In my opinion is one far best message apps that offer end-to-end encryption. They also offer

Signal app

  •  In my opinion this is far best messaging app to use with end to end encryption.  Signal offers option to delete messages in what time frame you desire.  It offers a code to ensure end to end encryption like no other message app does.
  •  Recode says ‘ That means the company cannot hand over messages to authorities, even if a formal warrant was provided. “Once it’s gone it’s [gone],” CEO Ryan Ozonian told Re/code.  Cyber Dust messages are encrypted end-to-end and the company claims they never even touch company servers.  
  • Signal says ” does not have access to the contents of any messages sent by Signal users.”  They also say if you do not select option to encrypt your message they could be saved or handed over to law enforcement. So make sure you select encryption.

Credit, Debit & Reward Cards

All these cards are used to track what you buy. So NSA, or government  agencies can spy on you. You say they can’t. Your wrong NSA has tool they can spy on you on any platform. They use see what you buy to use it against you or know your security. They also have a computer program to tell if your going to make crime or go party from what you buy. Which I think their code is wrong. 

These cards are also used by company’s to sell your info what you buy to sell you more. Lot these cards sell your info if you read privacy statements. One biggest buyers is are own government. Today are privacy is at the biggest risk everything we do is being recorder. One thing worth more then money is data and knowledge. Why do you think Facebook makes all their money selling your info. Know company’s are seeing what Facebook did and copying it. Why think know more company’s are giving you reward cards. You think it is for you get more free stuff. You are wrong. This is trick to use for people that spend cash. Think about it if person is spending cash how can we track it or sell their info if their is no trail. So they invited reward card their for they get track everything you buy. Then they can know customer butter to sell more. and also sell their info.


Can Apps and Algorithms lead to True Love?

  •    The higher chances are that apps and algorithms do not lead to true love. Most of the users have it that it is one of the best ways to meet new friends, as it is easy to access and use. However, the truth is that the algorithms belonging to the various online dating sites are just chances of providing matching partners (Mantel 31).  These sites are not only taking info and message. But, they are selling it. They intend to take all your about you to learn you better sell you more product or advertising. These platforms do not protect your messages too. Make sure you read privacy. It, therefore, means that the calculations apply probability for the intended lovers to match and succeed in their love relationship. The algorithms in the online apps rely on the information that the applicants feed while accessing the sites. The information may not be accurate, thus misleading the participants who try to meet using these sites. If the information provided is wrong, then the chances are that the online lovers will not find true love.  
  • At the same time, most of the sites are out to make money. They will compute their arithmetic and convince the targets that they have the correct data that will help them match. Since they want to make money, they are likely to provide results that mislead the future relationships (Mantel 70). There are fewer chances of getting true love since the participants do not generate the necessary chemistry between them that arises the moment people meet physically. Most of the people admit that their online relationships do not survive for a long time, a clear indication that true love does not exist through the apps and algorithms. There are fewer chances of people meeting and matching on the online platforms and have meaningful relationships. There are also chances of more jokers than serious people on the platforms. For instance, an already married person may join the sites to pass the time. No algorithm can give true love from such an individual.   Most these sites are just set up to take your info and learn you better to sell your info.
  •                                                  Work Cited 
  • Mantel, Barbara. “Online Dating.” CQ Researcher, 20 Mar. 2015, pp. 265-88, 


According to O’Malley, conspiracy theories have crept into the public discourse to suggest that the government is behind the manipulation of weather and guns while plotting to destroy Trump’s presidency. What was prevalent centuries ago is what is being witnessed by a significant majority of Americans (O’Malley). Unfortunately, these perceptions of conspiracy further taint public trust in the government with a possibility of inciting violence.  

In a golden age of advancements alongside conspiracies, the idea of strong influential persons keeping critical information from the public may seem plausible and very possible. However, these growing assumptions corrupt the minds of individuals where everyone thinks that everything said and done by authorities is wrong as the truth is obscured for vested interests (O’Malley). While individuals try to make sense of the world’s complexities, they should be cautious regarding what should be kept and what should be discarded.  

Conspiracies undermine the will to live and participate in a free world as reliance in democratic institutions crumble. Riots and violence, in turn, erupt as individuals carry on with twisted conjectures about institutional and national power (O’Malley). While some truth might be intentionally blurred such as the Watergate scandal, others are paranoid thoughts aimed at revealing what has not been manipulated. In the end, the incessant cycle of speculations continues to distort the minds of the public as they push for transparency from the authorities.  

In most instances, conspiracy theories emanate from outlying minority groups as opposed to the mainstream. They prosper because it hijacks intellectual and heuristics behavior that is deemed as desirable through cynic ideologies that hidden facts are the causes of events (O’Malley). Therefore, in order to avoid potential damages in democratic trust, the public should recognize facts that could be supported from logical errors that often give rise to suppositions.  

Work Cited 

O’Malley, Sharon. “Conspiracy Theories: Do They Undermine Democracy?”. CQ Researcher, vol 28, no. 29, 2018. CQ Researcher Accessed 3 Oct 2018. 


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

 In May of 2018, the European Economic Area put in an entry into application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Personal data is any information that is collect throw internet that relates to an identified to an individual personal life. The new GDPR law regulates the processing by an individual, a company or an organization of any personal data used.  They claim more people have control over their personal data on the internet and easier to control where one data goes. However, this new law called GDPR only protects Europeans that live there. Some people or companies may disagree with this, on the other hand a lot people are going to benefit from this GDPR law to see where their data goes, shared with, opt-in or opt out, and right to ask for your data or to be remove. 

 The General Data Protection Regulation is a set of new laws drafted and enacted by the European Union outlining why and how personal information can be gathered on individuals who are citizens or living in any of the twenty-eight European Union member states. This regulation clearly states the geographical scope as well as the broad range of conditions of what is regarded as personal data. From the European Union definition, personal data is any information relating to either an identifiable or an identified living person such as a person’s name and address among others. Although the GDPR aims to protect the European Union citizens’ data privacy rights, the borderless nature of the virtual world means that every business that virtually maintains the web presence is required to make to its digital aspects. There are two primary principles that GDPR concentrates on. The first one is that entities need an individual to express informed consent to access personal data. The second principle is that a person to only share information a particular organization requires to make the services they give function. 

From article General Data Protection Regulation Age of Data” has often resulted in an individual parting with personal data in the process of utilizing various internet services (Mittal and Priyanka 12). As many people get to the internet, there is an exponential increase in users’ incidents of unauthorized access, identity theft, and other forms of data breaches. These dynamics have resulted in privacy concerns in the events where personally identifiable information and other sensitive data is gathered, stored, used, and later deleted or destroyed in digital form or any other related form. The major challenge with data privacy is utilizing it while at the same time guarding personal privacy preferences as well as their individually identifiable information. The General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, was adopted to enhance, strengthen, and unify the data protection law for every individual in the European Union (Tankard 5). The thesis of this paper focuses on new General Data Protection Regulation that came into effect in May 2018 and analyze some of the requirements of the regulation and what it means for an industry in processing of personal data to reach compliance with this regulation. 

            First and foremost, the GDPR is meant to offer data subjects with extra control over their data as well as simplifying the range of data protection rules in Europe (European Commission – European Commission, 2018). The regulation will benefit the regulators and consumers as well as the compliance teams by enhancing cybersecurity, improving data management, increasing marketing return on investment, boosting audience loyalty and trust, supporting businesses in establishing more trusting relationships with customers and the general public. Also, the provision constitutes many essential items including data breach notifications by the company or an individual, increased fines due to misuse of data, responsibility for data transfer outside the European Union, and opt-in consent from the data owner (Voigt and Axel 117). A company that adopts thus regulation is likely to exhibit an immense impact on the business, and this move will permanently change the manner through which customer information is collected, used, and stored. 

Additionally, the GDPR increases one’s control over personal data and forces organizations and companies to safeguard records better. Another important reason why the regulation is proper is a provision of the right to erase the data or the right to be forgotten. The user will be to withdraw their consent and request deletion of their data even after they have granted the permission. Also, it enables individuals to correct inaccurate and incomplete information held about them. The consent rules laid by the regulation are clear. GDPR demands that companies and organizations adapt worded consent forms for gaining the right to process personal information hence clearly understood to a person (Carey 117).  

Also, GDPR asks for one’s consent to strengthen. The companies are no longer able to use illegible data. A person’s request for approval must be given in an easily accessible form. Consent and data must be clear and distinguishable from other matters and provided in an easily accessible form which allows the user to see the information and in plain language. The expanded rights of data used are aimed at ensuring a confirmation to obtain data from a person is granted, and the permission to process data is granted only by the owner of that information. The company or organization shall provide a copy of the personal data, free of charge, in an electronic format. Such a privilege is much more impactful to financial institutions such as insurance companies and banks where a typo is likely to result in severe consequences such as costing one a loan (“A Comprehensive Guide To The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)”).   

Beyond doubt, the GDPR will give rise to improved data security. The regulations require organizations to safeguard personal data from the cybercriminals by utilizing security tools such as encryption among others. This particular requirement is beneficial to individuals as well as to business because hackers can significantly harm individuals by stealing and using their data in committing crimes such as fraud and spying. Furthermore, GDPR requires organizations to report data breaches that are deemed more significant publicly. From article What the GDPR means for businesses the author Tankard says, in guideline is a tremendous move with regards to safety because many companies in the past have kept hacks quite due to the fear of bad publicity (5). With this new regulation, third-party compliance is ensured because it is crucial to know whether the company sells or shares your data. The new rule dictates that users should be notified whenever personal information is being shared or transferred to a third-party entity.  

Also, the third-party entity is required by the regulation to comply with GDPR guidelines. In the past, a large number of websites utilized the opt-out policy concerning personal data collection. This activity was based on the assumption that by using the digital service or by merely visiting a specific site, the user was giving their implied consent to allow broad-sweeping data collection, harvesting, and even distributing to the third-party by the service provider. From the article The EU General Data Protection Regulation the author Voigt and Axel says, the General Data Protection Regulation, however, demands that it is at the discretion of the consumers to opt-in to the gathering of their personal information including a collection of personal information such as device information, IP address, online transaction histories, and email addresses among others (121). Similar changes are now being adopted and implemented by the US-based websites. This particular move grants consumers increased transparency and greater control around what transpired while they navigate through a site, use an online service or even download an application. 

As a matter of fact, cybercrimes are increasing at a fast pace with some individuals using even more sophisticated tools to steal personal data and use it for their gain. With the enactment of GDPR, cybersecurity will be enhanced. There is no single company in word that is ready to assume the risk of cybersecurity ignorance due to the cost associated with data breaches as well as downtime that can result from the loss of critical data. The need for taking data privacy more seriously is clear, and GDPR can significantly help in guiding the establishment of a security-conscious workflow. The regulation requires companies to identify their security strategy as well as adopting an adequate technical and administrative measure to safeguard personal data. Besides, the regulation encourages reevaluation and improvement of the overall cybersecurity strategy thereby enabling the establishment of precise control over an entire IT infrastructure, streamlining security monitoring, and establishing a healthier data protection workflow. As a result, cyber-attacks are minimized, and an individual can understand what happens across their networks (Tankard 6). 

            The GDPR, however, has received several criticisms due to the challenges associated with it. The critics of the new regulation argue that the Data Protection Officer’s position could pose an administrative burden for a large number of EU countries (Voigt and Axel 87). Complying with every aspect of this law means added responsibilities to the Data Protection Officer. Also, the guidelines were created to constitute cloud providers and social networks but did not take into consideration ways of dealing with employee data. Companies that lack this form of privacy protection are likely to change their business practices. These particular arguments, however, do not supersede the fundamental goal of GDPR because the real drivers to adopt the new compliance principle is to make the organizations function in a more secure, efficient, and competitive manner while protecting personal data and hence the new regulation remains the preferable guideline in dealing with the issues related to personal data. 

Another important factor in the GDPR is DPAs which stands for Data Protection authorities.  “DPAs are independent public authorities that supervise, through investigative and corrective powers, the application of the data protection law” (EU).  The DPAs gains expert advice on protection of data issues and that handle complaints against violations of the General Data Protection Regulation and to the EU national laws. The main contact point for questions on data protection is the DPA in the EU Member State where contact you company or organization to try ask for data. But, if your company or organization processes data in different way than the EU law or is part of a group of companies established in different, that main contact point may be a DPA in another EU law. 

In summary, no one denies the fact that complying with General Data Protection Regulation is hard, but any wise leader or agency takes this challenge as an essential aspect rather than just undertaking the bare minimum to comply with it. The increase in the issues of cybercrimes renders this time the most appropriate to reap the benefits of the legislation. This new law will also protect one’s data from being exposed and know where it is going or what it is used for. The GDPR is, therefore, a significant law that will ensure success, and going in right way to give people the power of their data privacy and determine who can view it. One could think there is a lot more to come on this new law yet. But it is heading in right way.  People of world deserve to see were their info is going and what is getting used for.  I am one for privacy that matters, and this new law is going to show reset of world we should all follow and pass this law. 

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The Dark Web

 The Dark Web is  a collection of websites that exist on an encrypted network and cannot be found by using traditional search engines such as Goggle, Yahoo and more. The sites that offer payed advertising and these engines block these or visited by using traditional browsers. All sites on the  Dark Web hide their identity using the Tor encryption tool 

 Cybercrimes are those offenses that happen within the cyberspace medium. Dark web refers to the encrypted websites which the traditional search engines cannot trace, where users hide their identity using the Tor tool. The ability to hide identity enables criminals to carry out their operations without being caught since no search engine can trace their locations.  

The identity-masking technology increases cybercrime. Criminals such as child pornographers, drug dealers as well as sex traffickers perpetrate their activities while masking their identity using this technology (Clemmitt 54). Since these people perform their criminal deals within the cyberspace, it makes it difficult for the law enforcers to track and deal with these goons. While the masking technology has its proper uses, offenders take advantage and use it to harm their targets. Even terrorists use this technology to terrorize their target nations while operating from encrypted websites. It makes the detectives a lot of time and expertise to trace the terrorists, and sometimes they do not succeed in their hunts.  

Identity-masking facilitates the hacking of people’s accounts and the theft of crucial details and funds from these accounts (Clemmitt 61). Some of the cybercriminals advanced their skills to reach a point where they perform their criminal activities using the software. However, it is not easy to locate them since their identity is invisible. At the same time, identity-masking make it easier for illegal drug dealers to work in the black market for drugs. In this case, they hide their identity and make the drugs available to the unlawful users, while they care less about the plight of those who will use the drugs. From this analysis, it is evident that identity-masking is facilitating cybercrime among the users of this technology. 

Work Cited 

Clemmitt, Marcia. “The Dark Web.” CQ Researcher, 15 Jan. 2016, pp. 49-72,


Cyber Crimes on Power Grid

In the advent of technology, terrorism has shifted its focus from its initial physical attacks to cybercrime activities. As technology continues to advance, terrorists sharpen their techniques to forge war on others. As a result, the United States is investing more in securing the cyberspace than it did before considering the increasing number of cyber attacks on the U. S. power grid and other critical infrastructural installations around the world (Begos). This is evident from the article whereby a Nebraska Consortium detected 4 million attempted hacks in a span of 8 weeks (Begos).  

The alarming apprehensions prompt critical preventive measures to be undertaken in securing the power grid that is a patchwork of 300,000 miles of connections and 9,200 power generating stations. Despite there being threats from organized terror gangs such as Islamic extremists aimed at sabotaging the super economy, the devastating effects of cybercrime pose severe threats to a majority of Americans (Begos). Cybercrime threatens both public and private domains such as stealing or manipulation of important financial information. The consequences are far-reaching and irreversible in the event of a possible attack on the grid.  For example, a nationwide power blackout would halt industrial production and even endanger people’s lives in high dependency units of hospitals. 

While security experts deny possible massive blackouts across the country, federal officials are continually seeking to improve coordinated efforts between utilities and relevant agencies. Obama’s plan extended to helping government bodies alongside businesses and the public to adequately prevent and appropriately respond to growing attacks (Begos). However, critics argue that securing the national grid is challenging and increasingly becoming difficult due to the growing use of renewable energy and energy efficient technology.  Since tapping into renewable energy sources and cloud linked smart energy requires digitalization, hackers would get an opportunity to disturb America’s potential power either through possible theft or hindering accessibility and flow of operations. The growth of technologically-controlled smart energy provides loopholes for potential threats from terrorists or hackers (Begos). This, therefore, means that monitoring and preventing cyber attacks would be difficult due to the digitalization of power grids. In this case, despite technological advancements being beneficial, the significant threats posed may outweigh the advantages.  

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Online Shopping & Advertising

The closing of stores continues at a rapid pace as tech-savvy firms are taking over the market by storm. At the same time, many retailers with substantial debt burdens struggle to keep up with the growing business of online commerce. Amidst the mounting pressure on retailers, the industry has good performance sales of $5.7 trillion reported in 2017 (Wechsler). Similar growth of sales is expected in the current fiscal year as strategic retailers are looking to meet customer needs in the trending digitalization of business.  

Internet shopping conforms to the current consumer behavior by bringing convenience through creating online platforms. Online sites enable clients to place orders, seek solutions to complaints, and confirm deliveries. As a result, conventional retailing has set business stores to operate as showrooms and experiential markets (Wechsler). Customers are only attracted to shops of traditional settings to try out wardrobe fittings without making purchases. Given the high online retail sales in the market, old firms are forced to close some of their stores as competition from tech-savvy firms rapidly increases.  

Nonetheless, despite the advent of technology in the industry, some customers still prefer to shop in person to eliminate possible wrong deliveries and misspecifications. In-store shopping provides accuracy in the type of product being purchased while offering an opportunity to have access to a wide range of other products. Also, consumers enjoy immediate satisfaction when shopping in a physical store since one could purchase commodities without waiting for days before delivery. Customers enjoy a personal feel and assurance in the commodities purchased (Wechsler). Despite online shopping saving on time and bringing convenience to shoppers across the globe, traditional retailing may not be completely eliminated. This is because not everyone embraces and uses technological advancements in their daily living.  

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Tech addiction

 The increasing computerization and internetization of modern society have led to the emergence of a new psychological dependence – computer dependence. Increasingly more people prefer to go headlong into the virtual world, not wanting to resist the difficulties of life, build relationships with the outside world and society. By focusing on any activities on the Internet, they receive subjectively pleasant emotions that help them to “run away” from the real world or that they can experience while on the Internet. The question of identifying and preventing computer addiction is highly relevant at the moment, since an excessive fascination with the Internet has a destructive effect on the human psyche, reduces its efficiency, adversely affects the mechanisms of interpersonal perception. This problem has a wide scientific resonance in the works of various authors. For example, Susan Ladika in the article “Technology Addiction: Is Obsessive Computer Use a Mental Health Disorder? suggests justified arguments that this addiction really can be categorized as a mental disorder. The author presents to the reader’ attention the results of statistics and many surveys confirming it. Though Ladika considers both positions concerning the real existence of computer addiction phenomenon, she comes to rather definite conclusion about strong connection between Internet- and gaming addiction and development of mental disorder. She claims that even though experts have not yet formulated the definite concept of technology overuse as an addiction, internet gaming disorder could be included in future versions of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (Ladika 2018). Also, Ladika pays special attention to the fact that adolescents are the most susceptible to computer addiction, in the conditions that they master new technologies faster and more creatively, perceiving them as a natural part of the cultural and information field. 

It is significant that some countries are already considering computer gaming disorder as a serious health problem, and in many of them – in particular, in Britain – there are private clinics for such patients (Alter 12-13). 

A specific feature of Internet addiction, which causes heated debates about the possibility of attributing it to addictions, is the lack of physical dependence in the presence of pronounced markers of psychological addiction. Psychological forms of addiction that are not accompanied by physical dependence, according to some authors, are the basis for the qualification of addictions on the basis of a person’s emotional attachment to those feelings and sensations that adherence to addictive behaviors gives (Cash et al. 292-298). 

This type of addictive behavior is a serious danger to both physical and mental health as well as the addict himself and those around him. The greatest harm is done in the area of interpersonal relationships. 

Thus, based on the current situation of the widespread computerization of all spheres of human activity and the emergence of computer addiction as one of the types of stable dependencies that lead to addictive human behavior, and taking into account the spread of this fact among children and adolescents, measures are needed to prevent fight this “disease of the 21st century.” 

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Your Phone listen to everything

Did you know your phone is listening to  everything  you do? Siri job is to learn everything you do. She is like secret spy that trying to listen and learn everything you do on your phone. They say this is to learn you better so phone can help you more. But truth is they are using all the info to learn about you and sell it to anyone.  

When your TV, Radio, Music  is on in the background, You don’t know that devices are communicating with a low in audible tone to your phone, 

Every device now connects to internet or put out sound like laptops, phones, tablets, watches, and Internet-enabled cars and TVs, They can steal what your doing and watching more information than ever before for ad targeting. 


But a newer method of cross-device tracking wanders into the realm of science fiction. One of the the top company’s called SilverPush, a leading provider of “audio beacons,” works:  How it works puts out low air wave that talks to your phone and everything. These ultrasonic signals are all over and you just dont know it.

To Learn more visit these sites.

How to block

The Hacker -Daniel Rigmaide

 First hacker to really catch government eyes. He hack dead people Tax forms and filled for them. He know how to change IP and all info make look like was real person. They tryed to get him over year. Where he change his name multiple times. They even did Surveillance on his place before  and beat him up when they found him. He is one that discover the Stingray IMSI, At first everyone thought he was crazy. This was illegal activity. He was let go for charges well made deal for couple months and was free due to illegal surveillance. We owe to him what he found out. Never not listen to someone and think their crazy. Really if they are dealing with government.  


The Great Hack by Netflix

A documentary

 done on hacking. Based on true events. Brand New 2019

Internet takes all your info from what you buy, credit cards location, what you share, basically everything you do is tracking you. It takes down everything.

Basically this new world they are using to tear us apart. It has Paul-Olivier Dhaye, Alexander Nix Ceo of Cambridge Analytics,   .Cambridge analytics is leading data driven behavior change company. This is company helps people win elections like trump, and Cruz. They have profile on a lot people in the USA to see how we are to get us to vote. My services can be used to get your info from this company see what they have on you.


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According to a survey done in 2018, there has been 46,000 to 230,000 innocent people locked away.

We are one of the first companies to protect companies’ privacy, as well as to protect the people!

We reserve the right to turn down clients. All client information is private and confidential. We will not help you break the law or cover anything up.

We are only here to help you protect your information, company and personal life. 

Hire someone you can trust and can’t be bought. We will not give out any information on our clients, even if they subpoena our company. We will notify the client if they do. 

We will fight a subpoena in court with a lawyer. If a client wants us to stand up for them or help, we can.

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