Caught police in act


The currupted officers

One most dang ours corrupted people her plate is ABE-9529 she drive white Mazda CX grand touring suv. She has blond shoulder length car and 140 ibs and 5’7. She live at number 25 at whispering echoes. She will act like she catching her own police but she is not how crooked is that. We are going be filling this page up with proof and names, and more stay 6

Their are some very corrupted people in our surivallance gro

Additional Information

Also If you are corrupted cop or surveillance please contact us if you want your info remove. If you would like to make a deal please email us or contact us in person. We also have bigger plan now. Instead of exposing whole bunch stuff, causes panic, protest, riots, retrials, and not trust in government. We are still going fight to get the innocent people out of jail and not let anymore get wrongfully accused. We decide we are going try apply for government contracts throw our company to help change our criminal justice system. Think about it. We expose 100 cops what would that do, get few people arrested and then more cops get corrupted. We don’t solve nothing. We are a company with a strategy and plan. Instead we are going offer our services to government throw contracts to sting/ test their government agencies with full report of errors, breaking laws, privacy leaks, and how to improve their enforcement with out breaking law’s and entrapment. Does that sound like a fair plan. Instead of exposing them and getting no where. I am planning to show and help change them with some guidance. I believe we can make this country great again and have trust in our government once again. If government does not see signs in all front of them right now. Sooner or later all the truth will come out and cause a upraise. Doesn’t this make sense? We should have a public company like mine to test our government agencies to help stop corruption and get the people’s trust back. We still would keep our client info private and that includes the government’s. The bigger picture is I am not a person to be bought, I will make sure the government is changing you will see the progress. If I land these contracts. Don’t get me wrong we protect all people’s rights and privacy. We do not give out any of our client info or events. That is a promise. If you want I will buy lie detector test and show people each time when they come in show their info has not leak out. But as of right now I have no contracts or not even meeting with any government person that involves this yet. So right now I need your help to change the government join my social media, and subscribe to news letter. We all need join together to take this evil down.We have 100 plus Surveillance people involve, Almost all the people in MEG unit and ICAC are so corruption. They are involve in some serious crimes.


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