Government will target innocent people if you hold knowledge

Edward Snowden new video hits 4 million in one day

Edward Snow den new video Hit 4 million in one day! 10/23/2019



CORRUPTION areas coming soon!

List areas- soon address! then followed with storys

winneconne wi

coming soon


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Appleton and grand chute

coming soon

Green Bay

coming soon

Fond du lac

\And let not forget Our county sheriffs that are part of corruption. Winnebago, Outagamie, Fond du Lac, DOJ Wisconsin, Justice department, these are places and more I told them we have a problem here and no one came! If you turn your head you are just as guilty! If you someone told you their is a problem and you choose to do nothing your guiltily!We also have many states joining this list we got info on and story’s. Our info just keeps coming


Prison corruption & Rikers Island

CCA and GEO tried scared off Paul Wright and Alex Freeman. First they seen them stealing computers and more from prison. He states he was threaten or harassed all time. Prisons are ran from profit. These 2 people start fight for people in prison. Fair & Equal Trail!Did you know 97% of trails of done from plea or plea bargains. If everyone starting saying Not guilty or Jury trail the truth is the system would break and go down. We do not have enough DA and Judges. This is why they are using jails to break people. Corruption Maybe we should all take stand and start saying not guilty to break the system to make a stand to change it. Rikers Island CorruptionThey are throwing innocent people this jail or many across America to get them plea guilty. They are paying guards and prison mates to beat up innocent person to get them plea guilty so they can leave that jail. They even sexual abuse them . You name it they are doing. Guards are getting paid bring tons of drugs and weapons to help convicted people. They use drugs bribe people or to drug the innocent to get them plea guilty. From our research we seen this is done all over America to drug innocent people to try get them mess up or get the innocent to plea guilty. They have confirm reports they let people take people in areas or cells and let them jump people to break them or if you get on their wrong side. They would not feed him or give him someone else left overs. They would say we are going break you.The United Nations defines any period longer than 15 days straight in solitary confinement as “Torture”. Kalief was 17, his first extended stay in solitary confinement was over 300 days straight.Browder tryed to commint suciude many time in prison. They said he was only trying to escape from prison or solitary confienment which he was not. They ignore signs and the mental state they put him for locking up innocent person and keeping him in solitary. One time they found him trying hang him self instead of trying to help him they punch him and knock him down the guards.Corizon Health Inc is a for-profit. Prison’s use this place a lot. The city investigation revealed Corizon was hiring mental health workers and doctors with criminal convictions. Some these convictions were murder,rape and kidnapping So they can bribe doctors or ignore people rights in prison.We thank Kalief Browder for showing us the truth. We need more people like him. He will be remember we are continuing his fight for him and all the people. Join us or make donation to our site. We use all donations to bring out corruption and show truth help us grow. We want to have offices nationwide.Lets Change America!! Coming Soon

Blue is for Blue

Every hear saying blue is for blue or its death. Why do police cover up their badge, or cam not on and police car footage never go public. If they have nothing fear they should be doing their footage live. If they are proud who they are why aren’t they. But instead they hide. From our experience I seen more cops or FBI or agents hide behind doors and never confront and won’t even say name or who they are. They are only good at hiding them and the truth. Even the local cops are involve we have set up stations all over to spot what they are doing. We even got them going to call and they act like nothing is going on and they go around and go up to surveillance groups house. These cops even lie directly to our face. What happen to the badge says protect and serve.Sometime their are so many groups I can not tell if they are FBI or not. These groups role play a lot and act like FBI or their setting up their own group and its a lie.Their is a lot Corruption cover up everyday. I have over 2 TB of Videos and Audio and people of cops, or people acting like the FBI, CI’s, people bribe. You name it. I been building a case for years. I will be posting some videos or audio and all are real. But for safety of me I have black out people faces and change voices for my safe guard. If I release all these videos what would protect me from hurting me, setting me up or anything. But day I die I already have it for all them be released. I made several copies and gave it several people to send them out in event of my death.They are very clever. But a lot times they get spotted all the time. Maybe I’m just good or they just stop caring when I come around.But their is a lot. I just started this site and I’m always researching them. I will be trying update this site a lot. Trust our group we got years and years to put on here to help people. Also I am still in school, so I am busy person..

Lie2metoo We our starting soon

About 9 years ago I had girlfriend. When me and her broke up she made up a lie that push her. After this we where on trail for 2 years. I won this in jury trail. I have letters, video, wittiness, audio, and PI I hire to win the case. This shows I’m decade to the cause I will do research and hire as many to prove the case. I have nothing to hide. Every since this I was for cause to start a Lie2metoo protest/ campaign. I been out trying to catch more girls that will lie. So, no one else will suffer as I did. I decade my whole future and life to the cause and what ever I got to do catch them,. I just never knew when I did catch them government willing still try go forward with the lie. Just like the show When They See Us on Netflix in-cent people arrested. You have read more on different page about this I will add link. When I won case the DA would not press charges against the girl for lieing. The DA said, if I press charges against this girl more girls would be scared come forward. What about more girls making up lies? Also, The DA scared and harassed my first lawyer to cause her quit. This shows how much power government has. Which I have all this on audio. The DA wanted me so bad they sent my picture out to every law enforcement throw a email which my PI discovered. Every since this I decide I need take action, and privacy in my own hands. Since I seen DA was corrupted I decide to test cops, FBI and all government agencies. Also, see how many incident people they have locked up. My research show their is a lot people lock up that did nothing wrong. Even if DA or any government agencies knows they did nothing and if think your a threat they will do anything in their power to put you away for nothing. Funny thing is even on the jury their was one person that said, they had friend same thing happen to them. What are the chances of that? So how many people are really indecent they lock up? There are 46,000 to 230,000 innocent people locked away that are innocent. The girl that made up lie even admit it on stand and she said, she wrote letter to the DA that she was made and made it up. The DA is so corrupted they decide even go ahead with the case. They even told jury a lot times girls change their mind because their scared okay, where on trail what are they scared of? They should only be scared if they are lieing. After, jury trail I even seen so them after and said, this was stupid case ever. They where like what is government thinking. I will be posting the court report on website for this cause so it is public. and same with audio with voice changers. Funny thing is the girl even made up story on different guy before me couple years back and he is jail. Do you think he was indecent? or did it happen? How can you trust some one that willing make up lie to get you arrested? This why decade my life to cause of privacy and to people that lie no one else will suffer as I did. I am for the people. I decade my life to the cause and I will do whatever I got to do to catch them. My research goes far beyond then anyone else. So ask your self when you hire me do you want some as decade as our team to work for you to get the job done. We pledge to-our-self and the people for privacy and no one else will suffer due to government not taking action. They are basically letting people get away with it and they do not care. Who will change this? Who will stand up for the people? I am here make change! I will not be bought with money to cover up corruption or lies. I fight for the people and I can not be bought or my cause will not change. I promise you one thing if you hire me. I will devote my self to what you say. No matter how crazy it sounds, I will believe you and research it for you. I have seen the unbelievable. Nothing surprise me no more.

Kids breaking in order by cops

They are hiring kids and adults break into your house. We have caught a lot these kids in houses. We do not press charges against these kids because they were force to break in and bride. We have list over 100 people that were caught on tape. We only told them they might be called into to court someday. The worst part of them hiring kids to break in is their from ages 3 to 18. They use kids to hide in small spaces and furniture. These kids are using projectors to make person see things to mess with you. The projector is also used to protect them from being seen. But they can project anything they want and make you think your seeing something. Don’t be fooled. This is a trick they use set you up or try to brainwash you. They also use audio device that plays sounds over and over. They also bring drugs in to to plant and put in your body. They even go as far as needles. These kids are scared. I have talk to few and their eyes are watering and shaking. They are getting harm by are own government. They are even force be stuck for days and peeing on their self’s sometimes. (I have DNA samples). They even had so many people hiding in mattress and pee all over in it. We took samples out of it and throw it away. Then we caught surveillance team taking out garbage maybe to try to set up a person. These kids have admit they are scared and who sent them. Some these kids are told do sexual things. The cops and surveillance are basically sex trafficking kids. They will use these kids to setting people up for rape, drugs, steal, plant drugs you name they have confirm it. We have confirm reports of them setting many people. That’s I say it is important to protect your self they will set up anyone. They also work areas where they are testing everyone in that block. I have confirm reports and videos from people all in the same area experiencing the same thing. How is this possible for them to get away from this. How do kids not talk in school or they just really that scared. Worst thing these kids are just being used over and over.. Who will stop this. IF you are victim of this please reach out to the school or call 1-800-call-FBI. I hoping sooner later FBI will do something. I have made reports and they say this is not a federal matter. But it is. The local cops are involve and many areas are connect from are research this goes far. This is a Federal Matter. I just hope they are not involve. Please call them if this happen to you. Don’t let them scare you. You are not alone their is a ton kids just like you being used by them everyday. Our job is to bring them out and test them. We have been doing Stings on surveillance and cops. We are very good at job. We get them to brake the law all the time. They tell these kids do sexual things, wear things, and they even tell them set up people. We have wittiness 5 attempt murders order by surveillance or police. We have confirm even in event of death or setting up the cops and surveillance will celebrate say yea and scream. We have audio to prove this. If you are reading this because we meet with you and told you check our page. Its never too late to change. Don’t be fool they will keep using you for years. We know you have suffered. But we can not get FBI involve expect everyone takes a part and makes a report. If you are victim Please call 1-800-call-FBI more reports maybe they see this is federal matter. I know this is Wisconsin problem all over and in up in north MI we have confirm it. I just hope this is not train in every state or used by the FBI. These kids need are help Please call lets make a difference. If you are person broke in and force too you will not get in trouble. They force you too. If you catch a kid in your house please call FBI and state your case. We are in process of doing a survey in WI see how many reports have been made. Most likely all these brake in are force by cops. Or contact us. We help kids in trouble free of charge. We are to make a change. Are passion is to help people and we do not care about money. We do accept donations to help for our cause. Thank you

Setting people up

coming Soon

No Warrnat illegal

like computer stores be warn. They will install stuff on your computer and look at all your stuff without your knowledge. This just one of many things they do with no warrant.


Private Meeting and paying people

Coming Soon


harassment and following you

Coming Soon.


neighborhoods filled with cops to set you up.

They have areas set up to spy on people. They will get group people move their and spy on all those people. But most people on your block are all government officials. When You are a threat to destroying corruption. You got make sure you have safe guards set up like video or audio come out in event of anything happening to you. I would not post anything except you black it out or voice change. The government does not care what they do.


Cops Are Arresting Innocent People For Seeing Surveillance

Coming Soon One of the best story we have. They have been covering this up for years. Remember Protect You Privacy were first ones to tell the people.


Brainwashing Using Projectors and Audio

Coming Soon. You will not believe what we have uncover in our research. They have top of line brain washing tools. Remember You heard it first at Protect You Privacy. Your top of line privacy company’s spreading nation wide to protect your privacy. We protect the people..


Are you a News station?

Want facts or true in site on privacy or surveillance you have come to right place. Our company is one of the first to help the people. We have found out the truth of surveillance and a lot of really good story’s. We can not give out a lot info with out our clients consent. We also got be careful what we give you because some these people are dangerous. Remember if you look into any of these story it could be dangerous. We are not reliable if anything happens to you.. We know all the areas they do this in Wisconsin. We know a lot. But what comes with knowledge is danger. We have been threaten many times already. Just remember if you want more info contact us throw email. and remember you heard it first from Protect You Privacy. Some thing’s we discovered NO Else knows or has on their websites. We did all the research and we discovered this. So do not take credit for our story’s This is copyrighted to us. If you take any of our story’s . Some of our story’s we did research from other sites or meeting with people. But we give credit to the source if we take it. Just like you should. You must say you heard it first from Protect You Privacy.


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