Events Going Be listed. Join Us, and Find out the truth? 

We are going to be releasing dates of current events coming up. Watch for my flyers around, videos, and my site. Do you want to know the truth? Have you been affected, friend, or your child? Join me when I tell the world the truth in court if they let me. Let us show the world and court people matter! Also, come to my research competition at UWO about mini projectors how they use things that influence your mind during stings done by the police. I am hoping to advance this with ideas and hoping some will fund my research and join it. These will be given soon.Things I will be talking about:If you catch surveillance watching you, how far will they go to not tell you? They have been telling people they are not there, and they are delusional, and getting false treatment. Have you been a victim of this?
They are forcing CI (cop informants to break law and do many crimes; they are stuck in it for life and is ran like a gang). How can they get out of the largest gang in USA history powered by surveillance to do all their dirty stuff? They are also told sell drugs, and much more.
Next, they are bribing kids or forcing them to sexual assault jobs as stings or maybe blackmail. Whos affected? ICAC use thier own kids for jobs. They also force CI to use their own kids, or they tell them they go jail or their parents will. They even have went up to random kids on blocks were their doing investagtions and ask them do stuff form them for excitment to child, and said don’t worry we are cops. Truth is they are putting these kids in danger breaking law, and basically human trafficing them. Have you been affected? Help me stop it. Join me in court and here the truth.
Lastly, They are using mini projectors and many things to brainwash you and influence your mind. What are the effects long term? How many people affected by this? Do you know someone speaking of a weird dream or Image? or even acting weird and scared to say what they seen. Have you been affected? You are not alone.
All these things need to be addressed, We should be worried about our future. If this happens to you or know someone. Please email I will not share your info except you give permission too. Join me on these dates and let the people and world know the truth. Even better contact news stations and say you heard it from, and you experience the same thing. Help me get the word out and share it on social media. This is not lies or something to get money, We are a non-profit company, and we want to help people before its too late.


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