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Meg Unit- Drug unit, Where they find people that sell drugs, Once they catch small time person they will turn them into a CI (Cop Informant) Once a cop informant they are in gang with other CI and geting orders by Meg people. The Ci’s fear them, They are force to sell drugs for them, snitch on people, become friends with people they tell them too. They even tell them date who they want. They even tell you have force your own kids do jobs or you go jail. Sure they get away with all crimes like burglary, selling, and human trafficking. As long they follow their rules Once You come a CI you are stuck just like a gang you cant get out! Contact us We want your story’s and We can help you get out!! You are not stuck.
ICAC- Sexual crime unit, Which is one worst units I seen. They human traffic kids so much I can’t believe they get away with it. They force own police kids or their friends do human traffic jobs. They force them break into house and hide for long periods of times, They force kids wear stuff they don’t want too. They force get talk to people they don’t want to. They force them say or do sexual things you never would think cop would tell kids do. I mean the list goes on and on. They also force these kids to make up lies and false story’s. What you think is going happening to these kids when they grow Up? Who would force your kid this stuff? I can give anyone proof dates, times, places, and they are. They are dang ours so if you come in contact with these people. You better contact us. You will need are services before you get set up!!!

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