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I’m Travi and I’m the proud owner of:


I’m the owner of many other sites too. I started this company because I was attacked from the government. I had to learn privacy quick to protect my self from government. I was a quick leaner. I started testing my privacy. Then I started doing test on police, and government agencies to test how much they will break law (corruption). What I found out will blow your mind. I found all this information by researching and going threw first hand to get this information for me and the American people. I believe if you don’t protect your self, your setting your self up for attack.


We have tested a lot of these products and reviewed them. We are working on some of our own products.


,,Our content and live services will help you prepare, protect, detect, respond and recover along with all points of privacy.

Privacy challenges are different for every person in every life. Leveraging our resources and technologies, we explore more options in privacy that no else has. We focus on testing products, websites, and we love testing government agency’s to see if they are corrupted or not, we have CI (cop informant stories, and corruption stories. So we can prepare you to protect yourself. Whether we’re defending against known breaches, spoofs, scams, emails, corruption, cyberattacks detecting and responding to the unknown, or running programs you don’t know. We will help you build privacy protection to grow with confidence. We specialize in helping you not get caught in corruption or being set up by police. 


Our broad knowledge with privacy and ongoing investigations expertise allows us to provide services to protect all your personal needs, from end to end.  Our services our confidently and we do not record, and take any notes with your personal info without your consent. We offer subscription services or individual sales.

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We have tested a lot of these products and reviewed them. We are working on some of our own products. Coming Soon

Looking For Stories

We our looking for CI (cop informant) stories. Please send us a video or detail email with your stories.

We want corruption stories tell us your side.

We want innocent stories tell us your side.

We want privacy stories tell us what happen to you.

We any honest and truthful cop stories that are true good police to the badge. Not all police are bad.


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