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Kaleif Browder

Kaleif Browder Lock Over 1000 Days & Innocent

He was convicted with crime in court. They kept him in solitary confinement for over 1000 days about 3 years. He had over 30 different court dates. Due to lack of evidence they kept him in jail and kept trying convince him say guilty. Kaleif Browder said, He would not give up. He stood up to our justice system. They thought he stole backpack.

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Learn More about his lifeWIKIPEDIA OF KALIEF BROWDERThey throw him in one worst jails Rikers Island were ;they throw innocent people all time. They think jail will break people to say they are guilty. Most people do end up giving in and saying their guilty to get out their. Kale if would not give up and he stayed. He said, Why would I plea guilty for something I did not do.. Look for More info on Rikers Island on our corruption tab.Two years after his release, Browder committed suicide at his mother’s home. His supporters say his death was the result of the mental, physical and sexual abuse he sustained in prison. More Coming SoonYou will not be forgotten. We will continue this fight for you so other people will not go throw what you did. We thank you for fighting for the people and showing us the truth. We need more people like him to show world the truth of corruption and Innocent.

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Take look at our corruption tab to learn more about what going on at Rikers land jail.CLICK HERE

Watch Time: The Kalief Browder Story | Netflix

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