Larry Youngblood


Larry Youngblood

Larry Youngblood was wrongly convicted in 1985 of child molestation, sexual assault, and kidnapping, and spent a total of nine years in prison before he was fully exonerated of the crimes. Was found Innocent many years later to DNA Testing.

This shows Eye wittiness can be bride or confused when something happens so fast. With so many people lieing today You can’t really count on wittness no more. You only can count on facts and Proof. So Many people we have research our lock up due to people lieing or confused blaming wrong person.

When he was first arrested their were No serological tests were conducted before trial, as the police improperly stored the evidence and it had degraded. Basically if they know they can’t win a case with proof they have they will destroy it.

So how is the sytem fair!!! Wittiness you can’t trust and our own government will cover up or destroy evidence just win a case. What about this person rights or freedom!. How does the government sleep at night knowing they are locking up innocent people?

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