Stingray or IMSI catcher


Stingray or IMSI catcher

In 2015 in Washington bill demand police get warrant and make sure they say they are using it. But Have we seen court case yet with this?? Only The hackers.

Sentencing Reform, Are Mandatory Sentences too Harsh?

            The House Judiciary Committee has finally approved by voice vote bipartisan legislation to reform the sentencing laws. According to the sentencing reform, the mandatory minimums are a bad sentencing policy. The mandatory minimum sentencing means that a person convicted of a crime has to serve a minimum term in prison, as opposed to leaving for the judges to decide the length of punishment. The mandatory sentences are too harsh. Anybody who has ever bought a “one size fits all” shirt is on familiar terms with the fact that one size never fits all. The one size fits all shirts are normally too big on most people. The same applies to the mandatory sentencing reforms because courts cannot alter the sentences to fit the offender. Many people are subjected to too harsh punishments that do not correspond to the crimes they committed. In the law, mandatory sentences are based on the type and weight on drugs which bars the court from concentrating on important facts. Such facts include; if the offender was violent or a drug addict, dangerous to the community or not, or played a minor role in the crime. In the law, low-level, nonviolent offenders are subjected to long imprisonment terms contributing to prison overcrowding and deficit in the Wisconsin state budget. According to the human rights and civil liberties groups, subjecting a person to imprisonment for a bigger fraction of their life as punishment for a youthful crime is inhuman.               It is only the federal and state legislature that can change this law. At least 30 states have rolled down the harsh laws. Prosecuting attorneys declare that the problem of mandatory sentences incorporates perpetrators to liaise with their probes of criminal networks and lowers crime. Reformers, however, suggest drug treatment alongside other incarnation alternatives to be economical than prison and more efficient at curbing crime. States like New York and Texas have experienced reduced crime rates despite closing their prisons. However, vital congressional Republicans are doubtful of sentencing reform as they don’t believe that it is an appropriate way towards reducing the crime rate. According to them, the reforms are inhuman. They are also against the fact that the sentencing reforms subject low-level, nonviolent offenders to long imprisonment terms contributing to prison overcrowding and creating a deficit in the Wisconsin state budget. Work Cited Glazer, Sarah. “Sentencing Reform.” CQ Researcher, 10 Jan. 2014, pp. 25-48, According to a filing from the Center for Democracy and Technology, a digital human rights and privacy advocacy organization, companies have figured out how to use inaudible sounds to establish links between devices.

Fair & Equal Trail!

Did you know 97% of trails of done from plea or plea bargains. If everyone starting saying Not guilty or Jury trail the truth is the system would break and go down. We do not have enough DA and Judges. This is why they are using jails to break people. Corruption Maybe we should all take stand and start saying not guilty to break the system to make a stand to change it.

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