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About Malware From The Government

Usually malware is from credit fraud or stoking . Now today most malware 

or virus are used by are own government to track activist and journalist that are threat to government. Before I started this company this happen to me. I had virus sent to my computer. I knew right away it was from government by the strange things happening in my neighborhood. Lets say if you bring your computer to computer service repair shop they will call them and ask them hold computer. Then they will look at it and add more spyware.  I know a lot details but I will get into that more on section of this page and what happen and witness I have and audio and video. This is just one of many things I know.


Blackshades 2014

From website Wikipedia states

Blackshades infects computer systems by downloading onto a victim’s computer when the victim accesses a malicious webpage (sometimes downloading onto the victim’s computer without the victim’s knowledge, known as a drive-by download) or through external storage devices, such as USB flash drives.[4] Blackshades also included tools that assisted hackers in maximizing the amount of computer systems infected, such as a tool that sends infected links that masquerade as an innocuous site to other potential victims via the victim’s social networking service.[1]

Blackshades can reportedly be used remotely to access an infected computer without authorization. Blackshades allows hackers to perform many actions on an infected computer remotely without authorization, including the ability to:[1][5]

  • Access and modify files on the victim’s computer.
  • Log keystrokes on the victim’s computer.
  • Access to the webcam of the victim.
  • Include the victim’s computer in a botnet, which allows the attacker to perform denial-of-service attacks with the victim’s computer, and usually along with other infected computers.
  • Download and execute files on the victim’s computer.
  • Use the victim’s computer as a proxy server.

Blackshades reportedly can be used by computer hackers with little experience or by script kiddies, hackers that use programs developed by others to attack computer systems.[1]

Blackshades can also act as ransomware. Hackers using Blackshades can restrict access to the victim’s computer and demand a ransom paid to the hacker in order for the restriction to be lifted.

Also on Truth and Power Season 1 episode 2 states same thing. You can watch this on Netflix.


Now Blackshade is stoled and sold from VUPEN Security That sells to the goverment.

Give customers a reason to do busine VUPEN SecurityVUPEN Security offers defensive and offensive cyber security intelligence and advanced in-house vulnerability research.Montpellier,

Languedoc-Roussillon, FranceCategories Network SecurityHeadquarters Regions European Union (EU)Founded Date 2008Operating Status ActiveNumber of Employees 11-50IPO Status PrivateCompany Type For ProfitWebsite www.vupen.comLinkedIn View on LinkedInTwitter View on TwitterPhone Number 33 4 67 13 00 94

VUPEN Security offers defensive and offensive cyber security intelligence and advanced in-house vulnerability research. The company’s customers include worldwide governments and major corporations.

VUPEN Security’s offensive IT intrusion solutions and government grade exploits enable government agencies and the intelligence community toss with you.

 VUPEN Security is actively using 3 technologies for its website. These include SPF, OVH DNS, and OVH Mail. 

 VUPEN Security has $10M in estimated revenue annually. VUPEN Security competes with Exodus IntelligenceiSIGHT Partners, and LookingGlass Cyber Solutions

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Watch out for emails

2012 from saying they uncover something and was blank page with virus. that came from Bangladesh and Morka. 

Hacking Team know as Remote Control System

Cyber intelligence made easy. another place sells to government. Hacking video ad look for@@@. They said they sell to government all time. They were hack months later and uncover the truth. look for. They state their hacking is only find criminals. But how they really know.  The biggest buyer was USA to all agencies. and local cops and DA. 

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More Events and protest will be announced soon

 More Events and protest will be announced soon 

More Events and protest will be announced soon

 More Events and protest will be announced soon 

More Events and protest will be announced soon

 More Events and protest will be announced soon 


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