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Well funny thing is your Unit coordinator erase her photos only on I cloud. But not anyone on her team so funny. She is one most dang ours corrupted people her plate is ABE-9529 she drive white Mazda CX grand toruing suv. She has blond shoulder length car and 140 ibs and 5’7. She live at number 25 at whispering echoes. She She will act like she catching her own police but she is not how crooked is that. I will be uploading photos. Head leader will go down. She still can take my deal before I expose more. or come set me up like you been trying good luck.
Our due date has past. We will be adding names each week and photos. What we just notice is on Icloud they erase some of photos. But we still have them. We going make a video showing how funny they are. The. We going try put stuff each week til they take our deal or its either we expose them or they set us up! What you think will happen?Our videos of them will not be release to confirm are safety. These videos are stored with people, and places told to expose them if something happens one of us in our company. This ensures our safety. If they can not get to videos. They can’t do nothing. But they will try hard too. To we confirm our safety and our informants we will not be exposes those yet. They will even go as far of finding a girl to date CEO or employee of the company to find these videos. They try to figure the type of person he is attracted to and the government will bribe these girls to date CEO find these videos Or they will try set up anyone! What did the CEO discover since they will do anything to get them! So how many girls have they tried bribe our guess is over 500 girls and still growing everyday and they all got rejected by the CEO. This is why the CEO of this company has stayed single for 5 years and not got involve with no girl. So the government has sent over 150 plus girls that contacted him trying get close to him. But every girl fails because he is picky and looking for a certain type. So government is searching for his type to break him or steal his videos! I spoke with CEO and his type I can enclose. He can say one thing he don’t go for girls on looks!!That’s why we our offering this:We our offering a deal to anyone such as CI (cop informant), witnesses, people bribe, cops, DA, judges, and surveillance to anyone that helps take down corruption for any of our clients and the CEO. We offer you deal to wipe your name, videos, and of any crimes you have done for cops or surveillance. Also, We offer 3 to 10 percent of any our clients settlements that you get after for damages the state or federal has caused to our client or CEO. I bring this contract to any of my clients and they will accept it. Even if they are not client, and you have info set them free, or corruption I will contact them with deal too. You will also get 3 to 10 percent of their settlement. Now percent is based off how much can you bring to the table for proof. Now some these settlements could be millions so you help and so you could just based off million 30,000 to 100,000 dollars for helping and saying the truth. Now most of our clients would probably end up with way over million. CEO of the this company just alone Weill it most likely be over 5 million. 1 million for every year these done these high stress things. Then don’t forget what they done to him emotional. That’s right he been under investigation for 5 years. WOW right. They don”t give up. So it be be big settlement. I ask anyone with info we can pay based on any corruption info or help us take down with statement or video, testimony and we will give you 3 to 10 percent. Even if your scared of cops and surveillance and you don’t want to come forward. If any of our clients go to court and you say truth about cops forcing you too. We still give you 3 to 10 percent and that goes for all people listed above.This last statement means if your scared of these cops and surveillance forcing you make up lies. When you get on the stand and say the truth we will give you 3 to 10 percent for each person says the truth for any case with or clients or contact us and we contact them. Our mission is to stop corruption. We offer this because government agency are bribing people. We don’t care about the money we care about the people and the truth. America has to know truth whats going. So when court comes we ask you to say the truth not what cops or surveillance told you say because of bribe or you go jail or your parents will. Yes, they threaten people before or they will wait to you get in trouble and say if you do this we will make your crime go away. Just let you know you have rights, and don’t fall for this trap. If you speak the truth in court the world will know. You be protected .and they will call FBI in to help. Not to say you have biggest story in history!Just CEO of this company has over 100 witness were the government been trying to bribe or force all time. We lost count a year ago. They never stop and they will never stop using you to you say the truth! We heard it from tons people.Attention: If you been contact by cops or surveillance you have been deceived and lie too. This group of cops, surveillance we are targeting for stings(test to see if they follow law). We have so much information on them to lock them up for life and its over 100 plus cops, surveillance and even some FBI. So, ask your self what you do if you’re looking at a lot jail time? Would you go as far to setting people up and bribing people lie or to make up story. That’s what they are doing. They will contact you and say all this bad stuff, and slander about a person to make you think he is a bad person and he deserves to be in jail. If that was true, why does the Government Agency have to ask people help to set up people or lie! If our clients or CEO is guilty as they say why are they asking you too! Is he a genius? Maybe, If he can out smart 100 plus government agency’s Maybe he is the smartest person in the room! We only wish we could find someone as smart as him! Are you shock what the government is asking you to do? Now, most of the stuff they said is not true. They have equipment and technology to make it look like any one is bad. Plus people have tendency thinking this person has on badge. they can’t be lieing. Wrong, these government agency are human right? Humans lie all the time. You say when they put on badge they are force to never lie. What world are you in?,. I’m expert and seen what they are doing. Only thing this company is guilty for is protecting the people and exposing the truth about corruption. I hope you seen it first hand and what they are asking you to do. Now if your smart you world record every time you talk to them so you have something to protect yourself and proof. Our company will pay for your statement, audio or names of the people that contacted you. Don’t worry we will not expose your name or info and we pay by the info and your info not brought up (this is a smaller amount of money since your info is kept secret).2nd option is we our offer you 3 to 10 percent of the client settlement of the person they are trying to destroy or set up from government agency. We are not asking to lie or make up story like government agency is asking you too (corruption). We are offering 3 to 10 percent of settlement which you could end up with over 50,000 dollars and this is for each person. We do not care about the money we care about the truth! We are only asking you to speak the truth. Yes, that is right we are offering money to people that speak the truth against the government agency of what they ask you to do and what they said to you. Ps if you record it you will get more money. Plus, a sign statement. If you have been contacted by any government agency and they ask you do something please contact us at ProtectYouPrivacy@protonmail.comor talk to us in person. You can upload statements to our email. We even offering this if you get called to court. We just want you to say the truth! Please let us know what the government agency is offering you money! We will beat their price! If you don’t want email you can find one of our employee’s. We our all over. The CEO is the best and he is the only one that contacts people that have been affected. You can easily write a email with place, time and we will meet! If you want to be famous by saying the truth you will be and rich. Yes, that’s for just saying the truth wow right! Help change the world! The biggest story America has seen and its right here in Wisconsin!Don’t worry there is over 150 plus people that have been bribe by cops to break law. You are not alone. They target a lot people. We have a lot statement already! We are building a case. If you have been contacted, you are part of the revolution that is going be happening in our near future. Now you know the truth. What side are you going be on? Corrupted or the people! The best proof of corruption is that you witness it first hand what they ask you to do! Now you make the judgement! Please share or refer my company. For you the people that don’t believe us or have not been contacted by government agency write us a message so we can help you see the light. After this you will not be blind. Well all you got to do is message us to truth. How can we show you! simple Our CEO is smart and knows how to make you see!Feel free look around the site! all this data is true! We have best information out their about surveillance how can you not believe us. First hand we on under surveillance we experience it!Are due date has past so we will be adding stuff to they take the deal or we expose them or they set us up! who will win or will we work out deal!Also, If the government agency takes our deal we will be removing a lot info to hidden secrets on our page! Lets see! What we offer? one thing was to make we are involve of changing the corrupted system because we protect the people. We ask many more things that classified. Protect You Privacy Now Before It’s Too LateThe World’s richest companies are technology companies. Data and knowledge are the most expensive and desirable commodities on Earth.Data and knowledge are power! Our company has a lot data and knowledge of subjects that NO one else has.Remember, you heard it first at ProtectYouPrivacy.comAccording to a survey done in 2018, there has been 46,000 to 230,000 innocent people locked away.We are one of the first companies to protect companies’ privacy, as well as to protect the people!We reserve the right to turn down clients. All client information is private and confidential. We will not help you break the law or cover anything up.We are only here to help you protect your information, company and personal life. Hire someone you can trust and can’t be bought. We will not give out any information on our clients, even if they subpoena our company. We will notify the client if they do. We will fight a subpoena in court with a lawyer. 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