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 We offer consulting services for privacy and ongoing investigation. 

Proof of Surveillance


The paper above the show’s I have experience with any ongoing investigation. 

There’s much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a message. This site is still under construction since its still new. We are going to be updating this whole site with engagements. So people can connect with other people with surveillance and privacy issues. Then everyone can post their story to help our research! We want your story’s on surveillance, privacy, and corruption. Please contact us with your story’s and comment on our blog! We have not edited a lot of pages yet like the grammar might not be best. We are trying to put out this info out, so people know before its too late. We have over 100 places, and the story’s still to add. We have so much to add.  A Journalist said, at UWO, we need to add more evidence, which we our. We just have to make sure we protect our witnesses and informants.  We are working on blacking out faces and voices. Till we can ensure the safety of them, we can not expose it yet. 

It’s time for us to take back our rights.

List of significant corruption going on right now in Wisconsin with the Meg Unit,  ICAC, and more agencies.

Human Trafficking in adults and kids

Drug deals

Forcing CI/ bribing kids

High-pressure entrapment

Burglary with planting, stealing,

Excitement to kids to make crimes

They are even drugging people involuntarily to get convictions

They allowed drug sales were it has kill people, have witnesses

Biggest is brainwashing with mini projectors. I have study and reaserch this for years. I will be showing world how it is done soon.

Yes, These are all true, I have dates, times, names, evidence. I have a hundred plus Meg unit, officers, ICAC is going put on the spot about these dates and events. If I can find out the truth, any good journalist after I give them key things, they will have a story of a lifetime.

 Its hard believe us the people stand and let these people get away with this. 

Join me, and protest for our rights, and save these kids, and stop the drugs on our streets sold by CI gang, which their leaders are MEG unit and ICAC human traffic.  Could you not believe me, and I got proof? Who will stand up and do something! These are high government officials, that will threaten, kill, or set you up. They have been trying to do it to me in the last five years.  If someone checks and listens to the investigation videos, audio, you will see the truth! If it is not tampered with or missing?

They took everything from me in my life; what they have done to me is worse than jail. I do not wish it on anyone. But my day in court will come soon where I will take the stand and tell the truth. I even welcome them to hook up a lie detector when I speak. 

I have tested stings and products on many units, such as the police, ICAC, MEG, and FBI. I check strategy see what they do. I have everything document what they use and how they do. They fall in my sting all time, Its called the art of war! 

There are not many companies out there that test it on them. I am the only site that has hidden techniques. We are a single website that knows what they do and who they are! We have researched a lot and watch them when the public finds out what we know, who knows what will happen!

Please donate to fund my research that will help America’s future to protect people right’s. 

I want the world to know pain and suffering what they are doing!

I have suffered a lot to get this information for you, and I have so much data to put up on this site, I do not know what I’m going to do with it all.

Please share, comment, like, and explore our page because you will not find another one like this, I promise!

 Did you know ALBERT EINSTEIN was under surveillance for his deep spoken civil rights and his technology? 

  You can search all the internet you want, and you will not find a consulting firm out there to help you with privacy and experience with an ongoing investigation. We believe if you don’t protect your self, you are easily vulnerable for a wrongful accusation and privacy attack; with our services, we can help you protect yourself for your future at stake. CONTACT US WITH YOUR STORY’


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Check out our surveillance drop-down menu tab. We have tested products and done stings against surveillance. We are the number one site right now for the most knowledge on surveillance and what they use. If you’re on an ongoing investigation, you have to check out this tab. You must know the truth before its too late. Most of the time, surveillance will not even tell you when you are getting watched. If you catch them, they will lie and most likely act like your seeing things, and they are not real. Well, truth is they are authentic and real. A professor from criminal justice said they do not need to tell you they are watching you. Well, how can they lie and say your seeing things? The lengths to they go to cover their tracks? How do you report a person if they won’t admit they are watching? Wow, how many people do you think they did this to in America? If your reading this, subscribe, join my social media, and email me your story. Your voice matters. Join us; are you angry they been lying to so many Americans? Well, join me and show them we care and we want change. The American people want the truth, and so many have suffered. I ask jurors when it comes to court. How can you trust someone that lies they are not their when they are? And allow American people to think they are crazy and get false hospital treatment. I am putting together a massive list of people for a lawsuit. Contact me.  

Hire us, and we can help you with your ongoing investigation. We our experienced and tested!FIND OUT MORE

Innocent Story’s

Check out our innocent, and protest drop-down menu tab.  Here we many innocent story’s of them lock away its horrible to imagine. We make our mission to make sure no more innocent people will get lock up.

 Why do we care? We experience it first-hand with surveillance that has broke in my house over 200 times. That’s right over 200 times. They have sent so many people we had to make a list. Some people we have descriptions. These story’s we will be posting soon to the blog!

Yes, that’s crazy. We only need one person to speak the truth.  All these people are innocent due to it was involuntary because our government forced or tricked them. Under our law, we have the right to protect our castle. They are willing to put people life’s in jeopardy. 

We are also making a product that will launch in Jan 2021 called Life protect; this will protect innocent people from getting set up, stop crimes, lies, and more. We will be releasing this new product in the UWO business competition in 2021. We think it will be one best things coming to our future to stop crime and protect people. FIND OUT MORE

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We have been so busy we can’t keep up. We are hoping to post a blog a week. But right now we are so busy. We are researching cases,doing stings, making products, testing products, and trying keep up watching corrupted cops. We are hoping to catch up soon.please stay keep visitingFIND OUT MORE

Innocent Man Netflix

A Netflix documentary called  Innocent Man were two different people our convicted on dreams. They also have a book. We wrote a blog about this with our research that we think about what happened. What happened in The Innocent Man is happening all over the USA. We found dozen of cases of falsely convicted on dreams.  It is happening in Wisconsin right now! How safe are you?

With our stings and test, we found out the truth about what is happening!

We connect the dots that no else has. Our research beyond anywhere anyone else dares to go. Our research goes back to the 1980s with projectors.

Both these men said they had dreams or visions and a dozen mores.

What people do not know they have been tricked or sting by a projector. 

We have over twenty people that confirm the government has sent them visions or dreams right here in Wisconsin. But it’s all a sting or trick people to confess to crimes they have never done. I warn you do not fall for this trick or do what they are trying to get you to do. Contact Us right away if you experience this! We can help you for free! Our pride is to make sure no one else falsely convicted of crimes they have never done. 

The Great Hack (Netflix)

 ·Does everyone remembered the Donald Trump campaign in 2016? They used some of this same technology here. These ad companies target people called influencers, who are very important. Once you target these people, you can change their mindset. If you are successful in this, these influencers will share what you tell them to share. Soon, these people will convince others to believe anything they say. Who knows if it is true or not? Today we live in a world where fake news and media are all around us. This is how they won the campaign. Basically, if you get influencer, you win. But is that true?  I think there is another way more proficient. If you want to learn more about this watch (The Hack on Netflix).

This documentary they admit in our feature this will be turned into a weapon, what they did not know it has been turned into weapon one already. 


Mini Projectors (Control Your mind)

Hidden surveillance technology

        We have researched and did uncover work on surveillance for years. During our undercover work, we have discovered hidden technology. It’s like the same technique they used documentary on Netflix called The Great Hack the video trailer is above.  

       My company has discovered the truth and how they use this combined technology with many other factors, plus projectors to influence your brain set.

      We even confirm this technology with our informants and witnesses. Lastly, we thank surveillance for coming out and dance with them shaking their mini projectors!! Thanks to number 24 at whispering Echoes in Winneconne, that they think it’s fun messing with someone’s mental state. This is very dangerous, and we do not know the effects of this long term. How many people do you think the government has tested this on?. Read my blog to learn more. Below are some of the steps to influence someone. But I can not release all the steps for other safety. Also, I am not reliable if you try this on someone. Without my expertise, how it all works, you might not be able to influence a person. I will be showing this in videos. I will also be showing a live audience when I get my day in trail, and I sure hope media is there to get this event on video, so the world knows.

        I will be posting a blog soon about how we discovered this. We made it our goal to research this. We even are applying for funds to advance this technology.  We want to know how much can we influence a person? We want to make sure we can defuse the person to, so we are in the testing phase how to? But, if a person believes it so much, how can you stop them? We are waiting for approval from UWO to try this, and I sure hope they let us, They will be research no one else has.

We are going to publish papers about this.. 

       Also, this works in reverse. Look up the Ted Talk on how to forget things. Well, let’s just say if an alien crashes from outer space, how would our government make us forget? They would simply play it on the news, radio, and social media to make people spread the word that it was a star, not an alien. Soon, people would start to doubt themselves, wondering if it happened. Think about it. If you start hearing it on the news and you say to your friends that it never happened, it was a star. Then you will start doubting what you’d seen. Then soon, your mind will say, “Well, maybe it didn’t happen. Everyone else is saying it didn’t, so it probably didn’t.” Then you will forget it even happened. 

We know it works because police, hospitals will tell you no one is watching you. Soon you start doubting your self or think your crazy. But in the back of your head, your saying I know what I saw. But the other half is saying everyone else is saying no one is there. 

        Now in the future, we find out they were lying!!! We have witnesses, informants, police records, police bribing people that came forward. We even meet people that were doing investigations after year, confronting them. So now I have been telling the truth and everyone been lying or caught in this lie from the police. Who is to blame? How many people do you think this happens too? Let’s just say they ruin my life with these lies, and this is just the tip of the ice burg that they have done.


 Please call corruption hotlines if this happened to you.  Email us if you seen this or you were force or bribto do this.

Email us ProtectYouPrivacy@protonmail.com 

We want your story, and we won’t help you.

Regional Corruption Hotlines

Local FBI phone number hotlines for reporting corruption.

  • Albuquerque, NM: (505) 889-1580
  • Birmingham, AL: (844) 404-TIPS
  • Boston, MA: (844) NOBRIBE
  • Columbia, SC: (803) 551-4200
  • Denver, CO: (888) 232-3270
  • Indianapolis, IN: (317) 845-4812
  • Jacksonville, FL: (888) 722-1225
  • Kansas City, MO: (855) KCPCTIP
  • Knoxville, TN: (888) 678-6720
  • Little Rock, AR: (501) 221-8200
  • Los Angeles, CA: (855) 5 BRIBES
  • Louisville, KY: (844) KYNOPC1
  • New Haven, CT: (800) CALL-FBI
  • New Orleans, LA: (504) 816-3000
  • New York, NY: (212) 384-1000
  • Norfolk, VA: (844) FIGHTPC
  • Omaha, NE: (402) 492-8688
  • Pittsburgh, PA: (412) 432-4122
  • Portland, OR: (503) 460-8585
  • Puerto Rico: (877) FBI-SJPR
  • Richmond, VA: (804) 627-4597
  • Sacramento, CA: (855) 466-7243
  • San Diego, CA: (877) NO-BRIBE
  • San Francisco, CA: (415) 553-7400, ext. 5
  • Springfield, IL: (877) U-TIP-OFF
  • Washington, D.C. (Northern Virginia): (703) 686-6225
  • U.S. Virgin Islands: (340) 774-9296

Learn More

Check out our surveillance research. Please donate, so we fund our research to protect the people. MORE SURVEILLANCE TECHNOLOGY

How they change your mindset (brainwash)

Step 1


· The first step of setting up sting is picking the targets. From, our research will target single people, mostly men, because they are easy to target or threats. First, they are alone all the time. Second, they are looking for a relationship. But who isn’t looking for love? Sometimes your just a single guy and you’re in the wrong place. Then you get sucked in into a sting! They will test these new devices on you.  Once you’re a target, they will not give up even if you say no or turn it down. They will not take a no for an answer.

Step 2


Second, the government will send you ads, such as videos, websites, articles, fake social media,  and fake people acting like 18-year-old then after few weeks they say they lie about their age. Then say they are younger (but they do not do this all-time). It depends on the sting. So, you ever wonder how ads play on tv, radio, phone, and computer hear? A lot of people do not know that when you are listening to the T.V. or radio, it plays ultra-sonic waves in the air that communicates with everything. Basically, everyone has an I.D. tell who you are that communicates with an ultrasonic way. It can talk to everything. You ever feel like these Ads keep following you, and you can’t get away? How would it take you seeing these now stop to give in? 

Step 3


   Third, Surveillance will bribe (give people money do something) or use CI people (people who got in trouble and were let go to do work for them or snitch). What people do not know these CI’s are now formed more like a gang. But this gang is powered by surveillance to do illegal things. These people are told to run into anywhere you’re at, like a store, a school, or anywhere. Even worse, they could target your family or friends, or even become your friend. You say how? Well they watch everyone your close to waiting for them screw up. Once their caught they ask them to come CI. Soon everyone around you could be a CI. Except good people that are smart and go church. CI’s or people bribe our told from surveillance to engage with you, they will start talking about anything they want you to think, like from these advertisements. CI’s or people bribe, even kids are told from surveillance to sell drugs, break in, steal, set up people. And make up false story’s. They have done this to many people and surveillance will never get caught for doing this because they run it all.  So this gives CI’s or people bribe free chance do anything they want to sell, break in, plant, set up people, fake story’s and even kill someone. They would let them.  Surveillance does not care as long their target is gone. I do not know how much surveillance pays for this. CI’s  or cops are even told force their own kids to do jobs or they will go jail. They even bribe kids with money. These young kids are not smart enough to know they are getting involve in a dangerous thing. But we will get more into to this different blog coming soon. Let’s Just say we got so many story’s and research to share we can’t keep up with it. 

Step 4


   Fourth step, Surveillance will put mini projectors ( a thing that project a image on surface or particles in the air, they use to make people think it in their head). in people’s houses or have someone break in like kids or CI’s. (Think about this now, Okay kids are not smart and person with a badge says it okay, plus their minds are  not mature, also they are small and can hide. Doesn’t that sound like perfect person to do jobs for surveillance. They can get in and hide and do what they want without being notice. But there is one problem these kids are entering someone home were they could have weapons and surveillance is willing to risk that. Also, kids get stuck hiding for long periods of time where these kids pee on them self’s. Also expose these kids to whatever this person does in the privacy of their home. Does this sound fun!! No, surveillance belongs in jail for doing this to kids. We have collected DNA and other things to prove this is going on. 

Step 5


· Last step, Surveillance then will role play (acts but not real). After mini projectors they find you in store and act like what you seen. Say if someone on your block or friends. They will have these people role play and act like you did something. But truth is you did not. You just seen it on mini projector, and you think it was in your heard. What they are trying do is making you think you did it, so you confess too or go do it! Does that sound fair!

Watch out they even role play to act like someone is hurt to get you break crime. They even try make you mad to break a law do not fall for it. They even play images on mini projector to get you to talk. Then they are recording it and can make you sound like you did a crime!! Watch out. Hire our services to help you



· From our research they even target a lot people and if they are doing something illegal, drugs, and sex crimes. When person is on drugs, they are more vulnerable when they are mess up. What would you do if you see an image? Imagine you do not know what it is, and you see perfect square, most people don’t even notice this perfect square and dots. Most people are like maybe I’m thinking this!  

·  let’s rewind now, You have these AD’s, people, and now mini projectors all telling you do something nonstop for weeks, months and maybe years. How long would it take you give in to their trap? From our research shows a lot people give in to this and it’s called entrapment! Something that is too inviting, and brainwashing is illegal. You say you won’t fall for it.

Knowledge is Power!

 We can name a million ways to use this technology. This is the greatest weapon ever made. We all are at risk, not just of having our information stolen, but to change our mindsets (brainwash). People think they only use this info to target you with ads, but you’re wrong. Now they are using what they learn from you to change your thought process, and not only online. Now the government is using the same technology to target people in person. YOU HEARD IT FIRST FROM PROTECTYOUPRIVACY.COM

Edward Snowden: We thank you for showing us the truth about surveillance. We have knowledge of things Snowden does not have.

ProtectYouPrivacy fights for the people.

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden says government surveillance is taking away our privacy AND our security. For his full speech, watch:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWbaU…  

Why we started

   Our company has been doing research for over eight years on privacy and surveillance. We are experts in privacy, computer science, video, audio, editing, electronics, criminal justice, undercover operations, human behavior, strategies and stings against police! Yes, we do that! If you think they are corrupt or breaking the law, hire us and we will test them. We are up for hire for anything. It is amazing what we have uncovered. We have many more professional experts on our team that we have not listed. 

     Do you think you’re being watched or spied on? Have you been falsely arrested for catching the truth on surveillance? Surveillance teams do not come out and say they are watching you if you catch them. Even if you call the local cops, they act like they are not in on it, too. Even worse, they arrest you and act like you’re seeing things (delusional)

   Don’t worry if this has happened to you. You’re not alone. We are soon joining together to protest. The people matter. Doctors don’t believe in surveillance or believe that it exists?. Doctors and professionals will never admit surveillance is real. Hire our company to find out the truth for your doctors and you because they won’t come to your house to find out the truth. Stop being lied to and find out the truth. We can help. Doctors only make guesses from a book. We will push their limits and test surveillance like no other company. (We are the only company right now that is fighting against surveillance. Please email if you find another company, as we would like to join forces with them. If we all join together, maybe we can win, but I haven’t seen one yet.) 

   We just opened all our social media in 2019. We are growing. We decided to do this since they are spying on everything we do. We need to fight back. We have been spying and researching surveillance in return. We had to do a lot of undercover work to get answers, but we did. Now we have to share all the data. Now we improve our results and improve what we found out. We are planning to be all over the USA. We have devoted our whole life and schooling to privacy. We work for the people and protect the people. We will go far undercover to trick the police to get information on them. Our company will protect your privacy and keep it confidential

  We think it’s every American’s right to protect their privacy, no matter the cause. It’s time to make America great again. You can contact many companies like EFF or private investigators to help you. However, EFF will tell you to just check out my page for information on how to protect yourself. What about people that are fighting for the cause just like them? We all need to join in to help fight for privacy. If you call a PI, they will help, but do they know all the ways police or surveillance works? How many PI’s have done research on them? Did you know that if a licensed PI finds out the police are doing an investigation, they can’t complete the work?  Luckily, most of the time, they won’t tell them they are doing an investigation or else they’ll ruin it. 

Hire someone you can trust and who can’t be bought. We will not give out any info on our clients, even if they subpoena us. We will notify our client if they do. We will fight a subpoena in court with a lawyer. If they subpoena us, it shows you are being watched or have spyware on your computer. We use top privacy programs to protect our clients, but we cannot protect you if you’re already being spied on with video, audio, thermal, and spyware. Most likely, they have information on what you’re doing already. Hire us to help you learn how to protect yourself or take tips off our page, free of charge. You can also write us and we will gladly try to help. We appreciate any donations, since we do this free of charge. We also love any videos, photos or audio you can send to help us use against them or figure out what is going on.

A lot times the cops and surveillance teams will act like no one is watching you. But they are. You are not alone. You think the FBI or a cop surveillance team goes on for years in our lifetime and they never get caught? What happens if they do? Do they say they are? NO, they will lie. They act like they’re not there. They even act like you’re seeing things. But it’s all lies. You really think if they got caught spying on you that they would tell you? They even get local cops involved. But the truth is, these local cops are corrupt.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Our company is up to help you. Don’t be fooled. We have been doing research for years, and what we have found out is shocking. A lot people do catch surveillance. Our research shows cops do indeed know there is surveillance. They even test a person by saying strange things. We will point this out on police cam footage later on our website. We are experts and we will take a closer look at cams. What we will point out will be shocking. What is more shocking is that they are willing to lock you up or say you’re seeing thing or bring you to a hospital because you caught them. THIS IS WRONG. They do this to decent people all time, from 15,000 to 25,000 people daily in the USA. They just make more people more mentally ill. No wonder doctors have a hard time catching surveillance. This is a huge cover up on government agencies. This is just one of the many things we caught when we did our own surveillance. We got tons videos and audio to prove this. What people don’t tend to recognize is cars or people, but we have a list of cars and people. We know how they work. We also have a team and gadgets that will help you catch them. We are starting a protect and a campaign for this soon. Please join the fight for this, as well as the protest. It’ll be one of the biggest protests America will have ever seen. Coming soon. 

Our Experience

  After years of research, we decided to alter our direction to protect people and companies from hackers, surveillance, and companies selling your information.  We are the first company to help protect the people. Now, we share our passion by helping others to protect us all. We are not here to cover up crimes or help you commit them. If you commit a crime, we will only will help you protect your information to make sure your privacy is safe. We also help you make sure you are not set up via surveillance or by your exes. We have done a lot of research and know surveillance is used to set up people all the time. If you are involved in any illegal actives, please do not tell me. I will still help you protect yourself. We feel it’s every American’s duty to protect their self no matter the cause.

Why Us?

  We can help when no else will or when no one believes you. We specialize in protecting your information from hackers, companies, police and surveillance. That’s why when it comes to client selection, we’re choosy. At the moment, we are only based out of Wisconsin. We want to give each of you the time and guidance you deserve. We know how they work and how they plan. We’ve studied surveillance for years.  We are different from other privacy consulting firms. We research all options of exposing your information or privacy. When it comes to privacy companies, we will be your number one stop because we can protect you more than any other company can.HIRE OUR SERVICES

Donate to fund Privacy & Research on Surveillance

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve privacy research, gather more tools and information to help you to protect yourself. Your generous donation will fund our mission..



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Blue Lives for Blue

  Ever hear the saying, “Blue is for blue or it’s death”? Why do police cover up their badges? Why do cam and police car footage never go public? If they have nothing to fear, they should be doing their footage live. If they are proud of who they are, why aren’t they? But instead they hide. From our experience, we’ve seen more cops and agents hide behind doors. They won’t even say their name or who they are. They are only good at hiding the truth. Cops and surveillance work together. 


COMING SOON: We offer free 15-30 min consultations

  We have a different spot once a week for an hour when we can meet with people. The spot will be announced every week. 

It’s not just about protecting privacy anymore. People say you have nothing to hide, but the truth is we do. We have to hide who we are because once the internet or the government knows how to influence you or brainwash you, they can change your thought process. Ask how easy it is to influence a person after they figure out your personal information. We are all vulnerable to these attacks. 



  1.   We are working on new technical equipment and code to protect your privacy at your company, on your phone, on your computer, and your personal life,
  2. We are working on new technical tools for privacy.
  3. We are going to specialize in all kinds of products in privacy.
  4. We will also be selling items from other sites with our logo saying they agree to our contract.
  5. We also refer other sites or companies after we get signed contracts that they are going to protect your privacy.
  6. We are working on getting a list of people and companies you can trust.


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The World’s richest companies are technology companies. Data and knowledge are the most expensive and desirable commodities on Earth.

Data and knowledge are power! Our company has a lot data and knowledge of subjects that NO one else has.

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According to a survey done in 2018, there has been 46,000 to 230,000 innocent people locked away.

We are one of the first companies to protect companies’ privacy, as well as to protect the people!

We reserve the right to turn down clients. All client information is private and confidential. We will not help you break the law or cover anything up.

We are only here to help you protect your information, company and personal life. 

Hire someone you can trust and can’t be bought. We will not give out any information on our clients, even if they subpoena our company. We will notify the client if they do. 

We will fight a subpoena in court with a lawyer. If a client wants us to stand up for them or help, we can.

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