People & Organizations

People that fight for the People

This is just short list! More coming soon

Samia Errazzouki  

BLM Group 

Zineb Belmkaddem

Brandon Smith is a Chicago-based independent journalist who, with the help of whistleblowers and the Freedom of Information Act, has reported on civil rights abuses, privatization of public assets, digital privacy concerns and pollution of land and water. 

Ted talk-Larry



Antonio Buehler

The citizen lab

Electronic Frontier Foundaton EFF

Cindy Cohn

Civil Liberties

Jennifer Granick


Peter Scheer

First amendment Coalition 

The Hacker

 Paul-Olivier Dhaye  (mathematical and for the cause) 

The Observer (Carole Cadwalladr)

Surveillance Blogs

These surveillance blogs are more or less academically orientated or kept by academics.,  Surveillance and Identity Latin American Network of Surveillance, Technology and Society Studies (Lavits).In English, Spanish and Portuguese:, David Murakami Wood’s blog (mostly German), blog on mega-events

Privacy advocates – Electronic Frontier Foundation, surveillance at the international level (UK), Privacy International (UK) (German, awards the German Big Brother Awards)

General interest

These are blog and websites that cover a very diverse set of subjects
Wired’s  danger room blog. These are good for military and intelligence aspects of surveillance, – surveillance news especially as it pertains to the US criminal system  This is a great site for all things privacy related.
Technology, Thoughts and Trinkets —


These are various twitter accounts – check them out!

The Australian Surveillance Studies Centre twitter link is at: @AustSurvStudies
Chiara Fonio: @SurvinItaly
David Barnard-Wills @dbarnardwills
Lavits’ twitter account is: @lavits_
@admmo, focuses on digital surveillance in security/policing and associated issues of information privacy.

Bad videos made

LEAVE.EU  **Press launch they release a video

December 6, 2019|Corruption, Lies, SurveillanceRIGHT NOW IN WISCONSIN BLUE IS FOR BLUEWebsite: protectYouPrivacy.comContinue ReadingDecember 6, 2019|Corruption, Dream confession, Dream implanting, False conviction, Lies, Surveillance, The Innocent ManThe Innocent Man How they plant dreamsThe book The Innocent Man is a publication chiefly narrating two different murders and rapes that are based on dreams in the small town of Ada, Oklahoma. It starts with Ron Williamson’s dreams coming true from becoming a…Continue ReadingJuly 21, 2019Blog Soon will start about privacy and surveillance.This will take me awhile. I have figure out where I want to start my blog. I might jump all over too from days and years. I have to review notes, videos, audio, wittiness and more to write best log and story from each ev…Continue Reading


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