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The article Young Voters by McCutcheon, Chuck explores the aspect of young voters in the United States and their ability to influence the voting patterns in the country’s presidential elections. The millennials represent voters in their mid-30s, 20s, and teens which forms the country’s largest voting bloc. This group of mostly less than 30 years old refer to themselves as independent regarding politics and are not easily convinced to vote for a particular side. They are mainly driven by the candidates’ ability to represent their ambitions and objectives in life which includes education, employment, and student loan. This generation of voters is very proactive in politics and prefers a more sober approach to where the needs of every person are taken into consideration rather than the traditional models of politics which mostly made round and empty promises.The millennials also form a group of voters who are very creative, educated and technologically assertive when compared to other older voters. This group is essential as it can influence others through social media and other platforms where the older generations cannot get to. However, in most case, politicians leaves the millennials out of their campaigns programs claiming they are not well articulated with the  current trends and politics. However, this generation is very caring and pragmatic and can accommodate ideas from all the political sides which is not the case with older generation. The millennials are becoming more disengaged to the political process especially presidential voting. Over the years, they have shown decreasing trends and rates of voting which leaves them out of political process. The future of American politics lies in the power of the millennials and their ability to actively play central roles in politics.  Work Cited McCutcheon, Chuck. “Young Voters.”CQ Reasecher, 2 Oct. 2015, pp. 817-40,

See Police and they denies it protest


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Happen in Ferguson . . FBI does try protest or protect their local police. after death Michael brown. People are recording. Video is power

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We will be ruining meet up seminar where we meet up once year. The best thing it will be in middle of USA where everyone can meet up and be same distance. Coming Soon location and details.I be giving hotel and area where we all can learn.

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We will be starting to send out contracts to companys and products to confirm they protect your privacy. We will be giving special check mark if they are confirm. We trying set up product and company that we can trust by bind contract. We also be giving red check mark for company that deny it and yellow means were in the process. We will be the number web page to source to for update on trusted company’s and products always check back for updates.Event Details

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