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Clear your addresses and phone numbers from data-sharing sites.


Fend off unwanted attention by safeguarding your sensitive information.


Fend off unwanted attention by safeguarding your sensitive information. When you type your name into a search engine, are the results too revealing? Data-sharing websites make addresses, phone numbers, and other sensitive materials easily available via web search.

Protect Your Future



Opt-Out Service



Clear your addresses and phone numbers from data-sharing sites.

  • Opt-out Services
  • Help remove your name of internet
  • Monitor your personal info & background report
  • See Who’s Searching for You
  • Remove private information that’s exposed
  • Help you so your information does not go the internet again
  • One time to remove all (it could come back on again in 30 days if you keep exposing your info)
  • One time fee to remove
  • Or Monthly fee to make sure your info is off every monthf
  • IMany apps we use
  • Removes location history, name, age and employment history, Your current and previous home addresses, Your phone number, email address and other contact information
  • Removes 100 sites
  • We use couple different Apps and software to remove the most

Monitors and analyzes, then alerts you anytime a new online record of your name appears online.
We also have bundle deal of all top Apps and software to protect your info and privacy for details
Email for Quote:Quote is on how much you want and how many Apps. Basic price is one time fee for 25OrMonthly for 25



  • Find out if surveillance is watching you? ( Have cops lied to you and arrested you because you caught surveillance and acted like they are no surveillance is their. Then they say your seeing things.) Don’t fear we can tell you if you are being watch or not. Want to know the truth?
  • Help you protect your info online and offline
  • Their a lot of training to protect your self.
  • Spyware sweeps
  • Bug sweeps
  • Thermal scans
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Get bundle of services and Apps and software
  • Special discounts on our product page. (coming soon)
  • We can show you haw to block all audio, and video. or Rent ours for a fee
  • We have surveillance teams to spy on surveillance back
  • We believe client no matter what. we have seen the unbelievable.
  • Only based out Wisconsin. Planing expanded throw whole USA. If payed right amount will travel to anywhere..
  • Please Contact us for price
  • Have us help you before its too late
  • WILLING TO HELP THE PEOPLE!. We do offer free services people cant afford if they are getting set up and can’t afford it.. We can tell. by what you say if you are. (Free services we only do if we can keep data and videos to our likening. But will not expose anything about you. Only surveillance.
  • We have passion to help others. You are not alone. Don’t think your guilty for hiring a privacy consulting to protect your privacy.

Business Services



Personal Data Handling & Security

Practices of Third Party Partners

Increasing the Value Utility of Personal Data

Optimizing Privacy Program Functionality

Enabling Automated Controls

Enhancing Program Integration & Privacy

Risk Awareness against all threats

I’m only company that is worried about your info being expose to government or hackers.

Do you want government to know any secret plans

or top invention.

We offer clients services such at how protect your self and with all tech devices,Scan for spyware. on all devices, Look at your home or business and tell you where your leaks are out. What you can do fix them or hire me for more to fix the privacy leaks. I am talking about all privacy leaks. I am not like normal privacy consult. I will protect your privacy from online would to your home, and personal life. Anything or anything around you I will tell you this could be potential leak for privacy. Can do bug sweeps and more.Only based out Wisconsin. Planing expanded throw whole USA. If payed right amount money will travel anywhere. Please Contact me price info. Based off how far and how long you need my company.

Online Appointments


Files coming soon.

More Services coming soon


Send Your Video & Pictures

Have your Videos,Pictures and audio you want us to analyze. We can analyze anything. We can figure out a lot from pictures, video and audio. We have expert analyzer. We catch things that no one else notices. We can also have services that we search for things in the picture if we can find it in our database throw web. We also have services that we can find out plates for you. Do you have weird car sitting around and you want to find out who? Email us for details



We have over 100 people that we switch out for undercover jobs to get the truth. We can be hired to help you solve or catch anything you want. We can help you UN cover the truth. We will be expanding nationwide in couple years.
Email for services


Camera and hidden cameras

We can help you put in cameras that are hidden and not. Also many more devices. some these devices we made and working on.
Email for services

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