Top Surveillance equipment they use today 

They do not know stuff we do. But thanks for this great video. We will be making video soon about our research. YOU CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT WE HAVE IN FOR YOU

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Drones can be used anywhere. From are research We have seen 3 different kinds of drones. Their are drones that follow cars. These drones are fast and made to follow. These drones have follow technol. We will be adding counter surveillance page soon to show if you are being watch by drone or how to lose it. Their are drones that are used to fly up to your windows and record. These drones will fly right up to your window at nighttime or daytime. These drone will have audio, video and infrared or thermal.. They are not silent though you can hear them. The last drone we seen was different from rest was like one the picture. If hover from the bottom and has yellow lights that spin around on the bottom. These drones are used for tracking people long distance and thermal.More coming soon!

IMSI catcher know as Stingray


GPS, phone calls, text, location history, its fake cell phone tower in 40 mile distance and picks up everyone phones. Their is a app out their that can tell you if phone is protected or unprotected like back door in. I get to that later. Also their is a lot people working on code to install on android only right now to protect you. I’m sure government has this. But they wont use it because they have spy on their own people to make sure they not leaking out. I have code and almost done.. Is this breach of are ****4 admen t, So How You stop this I give details.In court case against The Hacker government states they had this technology.. Alot times they get warrants but they do not say what used for. basically lies about the warrant. They use fake planes, and cars drive around collect data. Not tool long ago in my city in April 2019 they had new cast saying they were testing rader gun to stop people from speeding to not be warn. But it was all just cover up and this plane was driving around collecting info.. They use fake logos so they cant tell. I had another time at park or high cliff they drive over with fed ex with same thing. Later I look it up where nearest one was and was not by any hints How do I know. I have resources.

Mirroring or projectors


They have advance technology with projects or mirroring. If you look up project Blue Sky it is satiable in space that shoots down huge image in air try scare people. Their have been claims they seen this like in China the floating city. They advance this technology in smaller thing now that can connect to phones or device plays sound image .They can play this on anything its advance. They will use this against you for sting operation try fool you or see if like something. They might even try frame you thinking you did something when you did not. I am looking for device like this and pay money for it. I have witness that told me about this device.What these are most likely close to is a mini projector. We will be taking closer look at mini projectors and making video how they use them. We will be trying to do their stings and operation to show you. STAY TUNE for that it will be a great video. They can project these images on anything pillows, mattress, walls, TV, You name it they can.. You say how can they do this in your home? Well they can play it throw the wall if your in apartment. or ceiling if you have attic. All they got to do is plant device in your house even hidden. How do they do this? Well they pay people to break in. (see break ins). They sometimes even have people hide in your house play it and move around. These people been caught many times. We have list of these people. Do not be fooled. Say if you like someone they will pay or bribe this person make feed to their phone to project it. This is called a sting. They are doing this to see if you will do something. Also they are trying to brainwash you too. They could also use this for drugs or anything. But if you close you will see red dots that move and a perfect square like a projector. They even made games were they can project the person they want to play them. They can even catch you and project you in the game. They can even project many people in same game. Another trick they will do is project people you never seen they will play them for awhile. Guess what then? They will suddenly pop up when your out like store or driving. Can we tell the future? I think not. Can we see people we never meet before? No. Their is only one answer for this and is they are projecting people to trying sting you. Then pay them to walk by you or see them out like in the store see what you do. Beware all a set up.. We have caught some these people driving by and guess what when we came to stop light. They ran throw 3 red lights to not to get caught on camera.

Eavesdropping tools




These have advance cameras like thermal that can see throw walls. Thermal cameras now are so advance you can use them see pipes and throw all kinds of walls. You can now see what person is doing and touching. Worst part of Thermal it shows foot prints where you walk and what you touch. We will be showing you how they work in videos coming soon. We also show you haw to stop thermal. Signs of thermal is do you hear someone following you next to wall or throw ceiling like upstairs person or attic. Yes I said attic. They will go in attics. What you can do is run around your house and see if you hear them running and following you. This is sign you are. If they are really good they screw in many camera to your wall or ceiling all the way down. Put they can’t see everything. They have walk up to it and move it around to see what your doing. This helps them move faster then bringing a big device with them.Coming soon

GPS & Location


These can be GPS trackers or they are starting to use cell phones too since they are harder to discover. more coming soon

Cell Phones


They will use cell as GPS tracking, audio, and bugging. Now its easier for police or FBI to plant or hide cell phones in your house and to listen, and record video of you. They also can use it to track you. Even worse they put these in your house so they can play noises or have people talk to try trick a person. They even use cell phone that are connected to mini projectors that is called mirroring to mess with people. See mirroring. Videos coming soon some things will be black out to protect from real threat and voice changer so you can not hear real person. This all done to protect me. But I have safe guards up to protect me some day real videos will all be posted.

Mini Cams or Video


Coming Soon



Audio is a very hard thing to hide. From my video class and knowledge a singe microphone can pick up anything even far away. They can hear people around the block. They can hear you on your phone. Microphones have gone long way to pick up anything you do. Their are ways to counter this surveillance. But only catch is if you use devices to block out audio any of your audio devices wont record too. But their are tool out their we are working on to make signal block other audio. But we will have the code or how remove the part to listen to it. We are working this technology right now. Basically like encryption but it in audio only certain ones will know how to decry t it. As of right now you can buy devices that block all audio. As long your okay blocking your own.

Smells they Produce


If they are doing surveillance they have ability to pump smells in your house or car to make you think anything. Do not believe this. I have witness and fellow people that said, they are irritated by these. More coming soon Site under Construction Hoping have whole site done in 1 year. I have so much to add.



Well, ICAC has one FBI person for each state. This person does not follow law in Wisconsin. Also We try contact FBI and send them info. We never seen anything done yet. We even sent letter to people that were invole asking them to call them. These surveillance groups are even pretending be FBI and they even pretend to catch their own people. But its all role play. Till we get contacted, or we see someone go down for the crimes. We can not depend on FBI. To our knowledge as of right now they only try cover up the truth. What happen to protect American People. Our country has fallen apart. We got proof of how bad it is. Worst part is FBI does not care. We wish you would listen. We wish you would back the American people. You know if you finally listen and help the people. You know what will happen? People will finally see American is finally waking up, and protect the people for once. This is something that would Win a campaign to reelection. People know their is corruption all over. WE are ready for change. Look I even had make a company now because it got so bad. That proof its outa control. I’m project person I’m a person that could lead us back to victory.

Pictures and Videos


Have Pictures or video of surveillance please post n share. A lot times the cops and FBI will act like no is their. But they are. You are not alone. You think FBI or cop surveillance goes on for years in are life time and they never get caught. What happens if they do? Do they say they are their? NO, they will lie, They act like they are not but they are. They even act like your seeing things. But all lies. You really thing if they got caught spying they tell you. YOU ARE WRONG. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. My company is up for hire to help you.

Surveillance Techniques done by USA Government

Role Playing & Stings


Coming Soon



CI’s are people that got caught with crimes. To get out their crimes they will basically be a uncover snitch to steal your info and use it against you. It is easy to detect some of these people with right devices and studying human behavior. Fair warning these people that come working for surveillance are aloud to sell, and do drugs and get away with it for the info. Once they come a CI I heard it is very hard to get out of it. They will keep using you forever. I would not do it if they offer to you.
But I am looking for more witness that were CI previously. I am also looking to hire more that is working for them right nowPlease see careers page. I interested. All I am trying to do is get inlet on info they are doing to use protect are right for privacy.

Bribing People


Watch out. Surveillance groups are willing pay people to break the law for them! They will not protect you if you get caught! They will leave you in the dark. ” I do have one audio they did try help someone though. Trying to role play n scare me. But I had them thinking that. Which they did not know I had it recorded and Audio. “I also have many other videos and audio of them meeting with people to bribe and give them details what to do.
What will they bribe you to do a lot things.
They will pay people in your surrounding area or where you go so they can do what they want. They also pay them let them go in houses (neighbors) near you to do surveillance on you. Most these people are paid and sign contact saying they can not release of their surveillance. I am sure their is loop hole in that contact.They also bribe them to do jobs they can’t. like role playing(See role playing), break-ins, plant cellphones, surveillance tech, plant stuff in your or house, car. Steal stuff from you. They also pay them try to set up a person. They also have certain people paid to do certain jobs that are good at. I call them professionals. Basically outside contractorsI have huge list of people on list of witness and people that were bribe already.If you were bribe and then threaten and feel scared your not alone.I am putting together a list for the people to fight back. N basically huge lawsuit against them they will benefit all you that were affected by this.Please contact me if you were bribe or know of someone. If your still getting bribed contact me their is always a way out. I can help…

Group they use to mess with you


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Breaking In Your House or Company


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Hotel Surveillance or Stings


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VEICHIALS to be warn about


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How Government Surveillance Works


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Car Chasing & following


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Agents that keep taps on you


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Clean up Crews


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Do you Rent? Does your Landlord know?


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Local Cops involved


From our research shows local cops are involve and they even role play too. They will also act like their is no surveillance. But we caught them several times going in the place. We even got them harassing kids to make up story’s to set up people. This is all coming soon. We even test local cops by going in the police station asking them questions. Which they do not know we are professional as analysis and human behavior. We will be going over some of the audio and video show you these key clues. Hire our company to protect you now.Coming SoonAlso be warn, If you catch surveillance do not call the cops! They are involve they will act like their is no surveillance and they have arresting in cent people every day. We will be making protect about this soon. Sign up for our newsletter for updates and visit our web page everyday for updates. If you have been arrested for catching them doing surveillance and they say they were not. We want to hear from you. Please send us a email or make video and upload to you tube and post link. Soon we have comment pages and many social sites. We are going to change how things are in america.Hire our company if they say you are seeing things. We will find out the truth if they are surveillance you. We are going to be know as professional in this field. For of all of you saying O surveillance is not real or they don’t do it ‘s a lie. Think about it they have to do surveillance or drugs or sex and you name murders or they think your threat they are going to watch you. Now think about how many times has anyone actual really caught them. They haven’t. we search all over. Looks like they been covering this up by saying people are mental. Which locking up in cent people and making more crazy!!! How does a doctor truly know if your being watch or surveillance because they go off books. They wont even go to the person house or do out call. They just listen to these cops that are lieing. How do these cops sleep at night!!!! America is going mental because of them locking up in cent people. Its time to change. Please visit corruption see more on this matter.

Schools are involved


Coming Soon

Friends or Classmates


Coming Soon

How Far well they go


Coming Soon

Malware or Viruses, Updates on computer.


Coming Soon.

Your router & Wifi


They can hack in router and WIFI. I have on recording that they will contact your cable provider and get details of your router and ISP. All info get in your network. Your are not safe with cable providers using their routers and software. Also a lot routers company’s made back doors in for government. My goal is to send out contact to a lot company to ask if they will guarantee are privacy and if government contact them they will contact us.



Coming soon



Coming soon

illegal warrants & no warrant


Coming Soon!Lot times they do not have warrants or they get these by paid lies to get warrant. Once they find out the warrant was issued by lies or paid witness the evidence will be thrown out. Also jury will have hard time believing anything..My company has already uncover some illegal no warrants at computer shops. Watch out you drop off your computer thinking it be work on. But they will call them and ask them to hold computer and not work on it. Then they will spy or write message for you. They even plant spyware. Most of time virus is planted by them to get you to go their. I have confirm info such as virus save and witness. I have computer store and audio. We will help you protect your privacy no matter the cost.My company has confirm many individuals as cops or agents coming into a house with no warrant. Also enter place with badge out and weapon with them not even saying their police or knocking. Once they were caught they acted like they were to help. Then they also change wig and clothes and shoes that were 6 ft taller. I have this confirm on camera. We specialize on tricking any law enforcement to see if their watching you. They are like little kids and fall for everything.. Be warn your privacy is at risk anytime. Even if your in-cent the government will go any distance set anyone up.. I am not only here protect your privacy. But to help you not get set up by the government.

Attics & walls & floors


We have confirm reports of devices in walls and attics. They have many kinds of equipment like wireless and non wireless. Their are things you never believe like big drum things that plug in and beep like 3 times and takes 3 drill holes throw wall to get up to your drywall . Even worse they have people listening or with thermal following you. Please see thermal. But they can plant devices all over in your house or apartment. They tend not to go wireless no more since battery dies fast and easier to detect. If your really good at finding devices. They most likely have people using devices on the other side.. We have videos and audio of knowledge of this. We even have audio from clean up crews hammering a lot boards down and patching holes to cover it up. The audio is unbelievable. They are not best at clean up.s Hire us. We know what to .look for. They are always leaving tracks behind to follow. They are not best at covering their tracks or protecting their privacy Since their is no company out their like us. But now since were around they will try to cover it up better maybe.



I have confirm reports of audio or camera found in vents. They use vents to send their audio down in it to trick people. They even go as far sending smells down in the vent. Don’t be fool let us check out your vents and house make sure your privacy is protected. We have specialize tool to check your vents and can give you video feed show your clear and free. We also scan it and check for holes or marks made by them. We have experience with this. We know what to look for.

Rental Cars


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More to Come


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