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Whispering Echoes 407 S 5th Ave, Winneconne, WI 54986 HAS SURVEILLANCE TEAMS In Many of Their Units. They have been Spying ON people and setting people up And Worst briding Kids to break in.

Whispering Echoes Corruption

We will be sending this article all over the world. This is a must-see article. Please share and share. This page has not been edited yet. We are working on info. Sorry for editing errors we type fast with updates. We will back to edit this. We need get this info out fast. We are hiring!!!! Join Us. We will be advertising it too. We do this anytime Landlord or surveillance thinks they have more power than us. We can’t expose it all in one night because we have over 4 tb worth. But if a person thinks they have power. We must show we have power because knowledge is power. We have been doing research and uncover work for 8 years and it’s time now for ProtectYouPrivacy.com to come and show the truth. If a person thinks they can face us, and thinks were scared. WE OUR NOT SCARED. WE ARE READY AND Planned. We will keep posting and exposing info and details every time someone gets outline. We have a ton of info on a lot of people ready to go. (We have a lot of really big story’s). We will be posting videos, Statements , pictures, surveillance areas. Audio, text, phone calls, tracking, what surveillance groups, who’s in charge, local police corrupted audio, statements, pictures. Soon names of these people. If you do not want your name, picture, video, audio on this please contact our page and ask to remove it. We only remove stuff if trade info on someone else or be informant for us to take down the others. We already have handful informants working for us. We have team of people working around the clock to push this all-over social media when this is done. To surveillance, we have told you not push us or show you have power. Now we will be release info on people their cars, who they are and what they do. You all can thank your landlord for thinking he can win.He has stated he been spying for 24 hours everything on one of our clients over their or is he peeking Tom? or is this info from surveillance? Will he say who is feeding him theses lies? We will be posting our video, audio from court when we take him. We are bringing only some of things and witness to bring him down. We are saving a lot of evidence and key people to the end.Funniest thing is when a cop or surveillance tells a person something they think it’s true because why would a cop lie or surveillance. Truth is there are pawns and being used by Surveillance. They cannot tell you truth when surveillance is doing an investigation, or they ruin it. Do you think that’s fair? Say if you catch them and call cops you think they admit it. NO, they will not even better they will arrest you and even take you hospital saying your seeing things. Okay why does these cops don’t do their job and check into it or do they know. Did you ever hear of how you make people forget things? It’s simply basically you just keep telling them it’s not true. Just like doctors and police. Sooner or later they forget, or they will question themselves. But truth is they did know the truth.(Video Coming soon show how this is done). They will go long distance to stop it going out. From students in health center state if someone has mental where they keep thinking cops after them the brain scan would show if they have mental disorder. So why is it not showing for so many people. But one key person was living there. This person has knowledge of what they’re doing. Once you figure out what is going on in any surveillance area you become a threat even if you did nothing wrong because you know their secrets they will do anything to protect their self’s including making up lies. Look at Luke Harding https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97MWOERY_dE he was most wanted man because he had info about surveillance. Now there was guy just like him at whispering echoes that has info on surveillance and he is most dangerous and most wanted person in the fox valley. Only because he knows the truth about them. They will bride kids or people set him up or make up lies. They have tried many times already. This person has sent a lot his info to us.We will be having court sometime this month. I sure hope this land lord is good with details? I sure hope he has statements from these people that act like regular people, but they are surveillance.(because we will be looking into these people with background checks and everything about their life see if their cops. We will be posting these statements and back ground checks. We will be posting this court date. You all are welcome to come. How can a landlord prove anything when he never there? Does he have video cameras in people houses? Do you think this company own by the government? Do you think there are test areas in each state where they have surveillance all living to test people and do stings? This would make sense. There would be less driving. They are easy to watch multiple people. One most cost is watching so many people all over. So, what happens if they decide make areas where they can watch a lot. The landlord or company can deny people that don’t fit and only let cops and people they want watch live there. This is not the only area that is like this We have 6 and more areas confirmed like this one. We will not be getting into all this on this article. We will be posting more area coming soon.How can you tell If you are being watch at Whispering Echoes? One way is seeing if you have attic door in your hallway? Do you have one. This place only gives attics in every other unit. People that are surveillance have attics and no attics. The people they are watching do not have attics, Why? So, you can’t go up their catch them or see their devices. If you live they’re or you’re a reporter go there and ask if you can go in attic. Even better ask if we can come with. There are clues all over up there. Our client asked landlord to go in attic, He states no way in from any unit. Which is a lie!!! We have informants that told us there are attics in places. Look at picture below. Why would a landlord lie about this if they have nothing to hide? Why don’t you ask him if their attics in place people can were get in from other side and see if he tells the truth. Even better yet we got blue prints prove they do.Why would landlord lie about this? Cover up, UMMM. Do you think court will give us access go in these attics?We have a lot of different apartment numbers to talk about and people what goes on over at whispering echoes!We told number 24 they be next. They should be happy we not exposing their faces, audio, video, plate and names. But we will soon, or the day of court happens or a reporter. Or do you think they can pay off news too?? Who will be Next!!!! We are going be exposing the other people too that were told. But don’t listen. Maybe they will now. Number 24 use to have different people in it, then bribe n change or surveillance witch them out or change surveillance out like the do.This place has several surveillances in this unit. Total of 6 people in this unit. Sometimes they have some other people come their but not long. They all use garage or front door. Sometimes they will come out the back if get them out like by our stings.We have all Suspects Names, Plates, and everything. (If you’re the news and want check into it)Videos and Pictures of them all. Suspect 1 that is mid-18 to 21 short shoulder length blonde hair skinny about 120 pounds about 5’5. Has other body marks we keeping to us. We also know where she does videos for projectors. They use her for stings, break-ins, planting, undercover, and projector model role player. She is dating a black guy skinny and thin (We also have his description). She also sticks people with needles we do not know if sticking with drugs in people or taking their blood for a set up. She also reports to Suspect 3. Suspect 2 Bigger black guy about 275 pounds and round short hair. Do not be fool be any these people they can change their looks by wigs or a thing. This guy does not come out very much he just sits up in the room do surveillance. But him and another girl couple unit’s down from theirs enter one our client’s units where they showed their badge and girl was wearing 8-inch heels and wig. (The girl that broke in was walking with Matt on Jan 2019 when he gave one of clients notice). This is confirmed proof. We got notice saved. But seems he leaves name out or number which is weird. But once we go to court he will have given those. (This landlord knows their surveillance at this property. But does he know he part of crime helping them.) Once these 2 people were caught by our client they did not say they were cops when they enter in. They just snuck in very quiet and stood there for a bit. They were just look shocked when we stood them up for a sting and said they were here to help? But with what? We think they were their set him up or to kidnap him. If they were to help what they help with? They got caught red-handed breaking in and not saying their cops. We are unsure what was real reason was. Just walk right in. and Black guy had huge shotgun. The girl had a wig, and 8-inch heels. once caught they went to bathroom. The girl changes her outfit and wig and took off 8in heals. She had whole new look and could not tell even was her. The black guy did nothing. So, what were they planning to do? What you think? Both these people live at whispering echoes.Watch your back they’re before it’s too late. Contact us if anything like this happen to you their or if like info protect yourself there.He does come outside occasionally. He also joins or helps with projectors. He was on App approve game that surveillance made to project for stings and brainwash people. We will get more into this on different article. Suspect 3 Girl in charge of this unit only. She has short blond that shave on sides and bigger on top hair like a dyke cut very short med weight about 190. She is head one on this unit. But there is several more in this area. There are other units in Whispering echoes with surveillance. She is only in charge of her little group and some other people out of it. She is one of the people that order break ins, drug plants, setting people up, sticking people with needles. When her and the one blonde (suspect 1) from same unit was order stick our client with needle several times. Our client got this on audio. blond girl talking to the head girl about sticking him. That day our client tried to make deal, but lady would not. blonde girl told her she did not want too, and she do a deal. Head lady said, no, and to keep sticking him. This was for a setup. This lady been spotted going in several units at whispering echoes watching other people and giving orders. She gets angry easy. She thinks since she has badge she can’t be touch. The Head person in charge we will get too. suspect 4Next girl shorter blond about should length med weight about 190 her and suspect 3 are about same weight. This person just does surveillance, but she in charge of leaving and getting food and check in at the office. She is also the driver. Suspect 5This girl is way older brown hair. I/m guessing she is the one they put the place under. Their decoy.Suspect 6This another older girl, in charge of driving, we have not following enough info on this person. She is not important. Number 13 unit This is a family pretending be family. But this whole family helps with surveillance. That’s right they even force their kids from all ages to help. They have very large family. Also, many people visiting them. They also have a dog.We are not going talk about suspects that are forcing to do stuff in their family because we are unsure if they are bribe or working or force. To we get confirm reports from our informants. Suspect 7- Older man early 40’s longer brownish reddish hair and full bread and rough not shave med built. He states he is a constriction person!! (He could be part-time because we uncovered they use Meg units as uncover at jobs and easier get around or break in people houses or bugs. Remember though these people can change their looks anytime. This person reports to higher up person of the Meg Unit. We have confirmed he has audio , video, radar camera, thermal all kind of equipment there. he even goes up in the attic throw their side and listen and watches does throw other units and devices watching and listening screw up there. Him and any surveillance unit will watch you in shower and all of your kids. They even watch them undress and all personal things. We have found devices above kid’s beds. What you think surveillance does with all these kid videos they are spying on. This guy has order break in, searches, plants, stealing, you name it he did it. He has even ordered many CI’s and his own kids to do these. We have all their names, fingerprints, video, photos, proof they brake in. But they are not alone all surveillance in this area there are told to send break in. (hyperlink coming) They send these kids were their told to dress they want them too. they use them shot projectors brain wash people, audio, role plays, plants, searches, you name it their force to do a lot. This guy even orders other people and kids that live in that same area. Best part this guy has all proof since he been recording everything. Do you think Meg Unit keep these records or erase them? destroy evidence.Suspect 2- She states she is girlfriend of suspect 7. But from our research says they are married. She ran outside when we said we are going expose them and all. She says please do not do what your going do. We way like what? She like sounded like something bad umm. If you’re not listening, you would not know. If she had nothing hide why would she run out? Does this make sense. she does not know that her bf does and supposedly he constriction worker. Her eyes were watering saying please dint. She even called her husband and yell at him and said talk to him. If she had nothing to fear or worry about why she run out? After this they would not stop surveillance yet. They keep going. We have here calling and texting here kids and yelling them what do and to come home n set people up too. Just like her husband or I mean supposedly bf. We even got landlord knowing about this and seen devices in her house. Our informant told us what they have and who they sent over. We have the names. We even have her flipping off our clients house all the time. This surveillance unit hates client so much it proves it. They are willing do anything to remove him and get him lock up. Remember if you have knowledge of crime and you did nothing you all are part of it. There are many minor suspects and witness that live there. We are not getting into them right now. To we conclude if they are force or bribe things they do. Surveillance like ICAC and Meg and local cops have been human trafficking kids right under are nose. Funny thing is they know it’s all going on but they turns a blind eye. Our informant says the landlord know about this. The landlord even confirm we have a good case!! Does he know he is part of many crimes and the company http://www.accmanagementgroup.comhave a lot count of crimes?As soon we told one of CI;s we know about everything and landlord and someone told us they remove us and block thinks we can’t find them when day court happens. But we know all. More coming soon, we have pages to write about this place and videos, audio and you name it we got it, witness statements. We have a lot. We are going show power this time. We also have names of suspects and cars, we will not be listing them on here. But you can figure out who they are. We will be posting names later.We have many units to get to saving best for last. We have huge list So, check back weekly This page will be updated a lot. We still have a lot more to write and post. So much we are not sure how long it take finish this. Well there is a lot about 24. They have been watching many people at whispering echoes. They will open their window even and clearly sit in front of it and sometime let us see their surveillance. They also screw up many times by showing their self’s. They also were cocky where they all came to the window and dance with their projectors and showing all the people and badges. They were like we got you partying. WOW, like we are scared. We said do something because if we can prove they been watching for years and they come out we win our lawsuit we are building on surveillance. Well first there was other people living in 24 they were switch out due to local cops got reports of kids breaking in places and bribe. But they ignore these complaints. The local cops went to number 13 in Jan 2019 and did role playing act like a report and they sent cops to 24 to help stop these kids breaking in and being bribe by surveillance, they were post going their stop it but they never did. Blue is for Blue. They even had local cops in it. They even had cops asking kids to make up lies. Some of them harassed kids and beg them. Kids were crying saying no . The local cops kept trying say please and bribe them. Supposedly there is report with these kids. But is this report a lie or the truth? The cops won’t release this and they said they can’t because of kids, also they want date and exact time and seconds to get report. We have this on audio. We go their all the time . We like to test them. These cops are dangerous and corrupted, we thought it was only some. But it is whole Wisconsinite force. these people from 24 went t number 13 and number 11. We have confirmed it. We will be getting into all kinds of people going to different places it will get confusing. Whispering Echoes is brand new place built. Did you ever see so many people move out of brand-new place? umm, what you think is the reason? Landlord has been told by several people about breaking and missing items or complaints and he ignores it. He thinks since surveillance their he can lie and not protect people rights. He has right break laws. Basically, he is a part of these crime because he knew about it.“The landlord states we have a good case” Key word WEWho is WE? Surveillance (We got this on Audio for court)He must not know surveillance have been lying to him. They make up lies make person look bad.If surveillance has such a good case, why aren’t they taking people to court????We our going take them to court!!!!We will be exposing more in court against this company.We our putting together list of people to lawsuit against this company. Email us if you live at whispering echoes and you been affected. We will add you to the list.This company is reliable, and landlord is and management company is too. They knew about it and ignore it. How does surveillance move out and we confirm another move in. How is that possible? The management company must not be treating everyone fairly. we our going ask people that apply hire and send people with good history and no record see if they get rejected.We have a lot of units at whispering echoes to talk about. Our team will be watching this area for long time to come. We have never seen so many cops and surveillance run and move out once caught. Where r they running too? We know who you are? and photos, and where you work? so running ummm.But they do switch people out. We our keeping close eye on this place They are using information from they gathered from many sites or bought from Ad companies. Today a person is target online with ads that are feed to a person what they want to do. Basically we are like programs or reboots waiting for information to feed and program and we will responded. Now they have used this technology to switch person minds and make them think different. Look at TRUMP campaign they did this then. Basically, every American is a target that they can feed stuff too. Now all this information they gather on people they turn into a weapon. They are using this for surveillance now too. They will target people that thinks they are threats. They will send their computer ADS what they want them to see to either brainwash them to do something. They even trick them to click on AD’s to link they want them to see that are fake or illegal to get them busted. Then they will tell strangers around you started talking about it. They even get people be your friends in life, social media you name they do it. Once they keep sending these things to you and your brain will getting brainwashed. If these don’t work they even go further like sending people break in your house and hide to project projectors. They do this to make you watch it and make you confused. Also if your using ad blocker they can’t send to your computer and force send someone break in..Sooner or later with our government sending all this info to you non stop your brain will get brain washed.. You just want it to stop. Its common sense. Just like when cops detain people and question them. They make you stuck in small room and keep feed you stuff. So what happens the person gives in because they just want it to stop. Our technology grow so much now its a weapon. They are using this same technology in Detaining people. They play projectors or sounds brainwash them. Not many people know this. When someone saying they seen weird things or sounds they think their crazy because the person is like what is that. Well, they do not know its a projector. Even if they ask cop they say what you talking about they play dum. So with projectors and cops will keep pushing you and soon you will fail and give in. If you don’t they leave you in jail to you do Look at innocent t tab on here.. Remember You heard it first at ProtectYouPivacy.com .Hire our services so your not subject to brainwashing from ads or setting up from surveillance and your info being stole. Today Its all time time to protect your privacy not only to protect your info because you have nothing to hide. But to stop changing your mind or behavior called brainwashing. We can help.Even worse Now they can even use this technology on someone on court case. When seen first hand. We will get more into this on different article.We can name million ways to use this technology. This is the greatest weapon made. We all are at risk not to just steal our info but change your mind (brainwash ) , people around YOU and family. YOU HEARD IT FIRST FROM PROTECTYOUPRIVACY.COM If you are the press or news, Want more proof or evidence contact us. We have much more we are not listing. We have their cars, pictures of them all. Their names. Where they work, their profession. What each person does. Whispering echoes is place made for this technology. We will back more this soon. Come back visit n see.We are working hard around clock to get info and update more on this web page and article. Please come back WE have a lot a lot more to share.Make a donation are research is all done by donation. Think of things we can accomplish when we get huge donations. Plus we need hire a lot more people we have grown a lot. We need your help to change our future.YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. WE THANK YOU FOR THE DONATION.OR HIRE OUR SERVICES TO PROTECT YOUR SELF..

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HERE IS SOME LINKS TO THIS COMPANY https://www.facebook.com/winneconneechoes/ Also beware this address is wrong on their maps on Facebook. Look at our pic below.
https://www.apartments.com/whispering-echoes-winneconne-wi/xzx1njq/ Thin Walls, Waring this place is bad. This place is brand new and never seen moving out earlier and all time. UMMM why?
http://www.accmanagementgroup.com/rental/overview.php?propertyID=173 Management company- They know their surveillance their and break in from report from many people. They do nothing. http://www.accmanagementgroup.com/rental/searchresults.php Not confirmed yet if all their property are getting surveillance. We our working on this now to find out.Always check back daily for updates.
Please comment or share their Facebook and spread the word of surveillance Here (We have more places to share coming soon) When someone try;s do something to one our employees or clients we strike back with our knowledge. we do not share all info( We keep some hidden for back up. They are letting people breaking in houses at whispering echoes and setting people up. If you catch them and Do not call local police they are involve too( We will be post stuff soon about local cops). They will arrest you. They have been going in many of the units their. number 25, 24,26, 13, 11. Their are many more but These are confirm ones.The local cops will come their go in NUMBER 25 and watch throw the window with surveillance. Also many other units too.Help expose this test area!! This area is filled with surveillance. They use this area to mess with people or do stings. Drive by. Share it. Don’t let them get away.They are even in houses near place. So they can walk their.Drive by 317 317 S 5th Ave

Winneconne, Wisconsin

and you see truck PLATE SAYS


The land Lord is involve too. He went inside many of surveillance houses and seen what is going on. They denies it and let them put cameraS and things in your house. They have key code TO GET IN EVERYONE HOUSE. They can break in and plant anything they want or spy on you. They have been bribing other people do work for surveillance. They break in and even hide in maintenance closet. They got code from landlord. They will record everything you do and your kids. They will bride other people on block to break in and hide in furniture. They will have projectors connected to there phone. so they can project anything they want. We will be showing videos how they do this soon.

The local cops have been their many times. Even worse the local cops and surveillance have been harassing kids and begging them to make up story’s for cops to get false warrants and set people up. (We have audio of this, cops name, and kids names) WATCH OUT. Hire our services before its too late. They have set up many people. A CI confirmed he help set up 28 people already!!!


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