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Uses of Express VPN: security and privacy. Express VPN is the best VPN to use

VPN is an acronym that stands for a virtual private network. It is a secure tunnel of connection between the internet and a personal device. The application of a VPN is in the protection of personal online traffic from censorship, interference, and snooping. The VPN is an aspect of proxy that is essential in permitting the users to mask or even change their device location. The masking unable the users to surf their web at any place wire anonymously (Miah & Akther, 2019).

A VPN is essential in encryption of communication to avoid blackmailing. Through using a VPN, I can connect my smartphone or PC to another server (computer) on the internet situated in another place. Using this method, one can browse the internet using the connecting to the internet server despite their location since one appears to be browsing on the same location or country.

A VPN is essential for securing people who work from home. Firstly it ensures that all sensitive information such as location and Gmail are protected. Additionally, the user can bypass the restriction on geographical context and access more websites. VPN also helps in hiding personal location and IP address. This makes it difficult for services and sites to incur charges. Application of a VPN helps one to avoid throttling and spying from the administrators of government as well as personal ISP (Miah & Akther, 2019). This is possible since the application of VPN one can guard online activities and avoid people from reading private data or even revisiting the website that one was using. It also helps in preventing any traffic restriction, especially when streaming movies. 





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Bitdefender is a cyber-security and antivirus software company that develops and sells internet security software, antivirus software, among other cybersecurity products and services. It is a company that people in the digital world can trust and rely on to meet their needs. The antivirus performs well in Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac operating systems. Bitdefender offers various packages such as small office security, total security, premium security, antivirus plus, internet security, among others. The study focuses on three packages that include Premium, Total, and Internet security in privacy and security context.

Premium security package ensures the safety of pictures, videos, and documents from sophisticated e- threats. The package protects passwords, bank information, and downloads from hackers that may occur, especially when using a public network. The Bitdefender premium can act on all the e-threats without affecting the system performance. The premium security package secures the transactions in online banking, preventing fraud. Also, the package provides advanced parental control that ensures kids are safe online and have the priority support feature that allows the line-skip enabling faster responses from the Bitdefender support team.

The internet security package protects the Windows operating system from all threats. Internet security solves online threat issues with no impact on the system’s performance. Just like the premium package, it secures transactions from fraud and protects passwords, downloads, and bank information when using public Wi-Fi. However, the internet security package lacks the priority support feature that is present in the premium security. Also, it is not a device optimizer as the premium and the total security package.

Just like in premium and internet security, the total security package offers protection to bank details, downloads, and passwords when using Wi-Fi and secure transactions to prevent fraud. The package also protects videos, documents, and pictures from threats such as malware. Malware is software that is designed to cause damage to a computer. Some types of malware include computer viruses, spyware, ransomware, among others. Nevertheless, the total security package does not have the priority support feature like in the premium security, but it is a device optimizer, unlike the internet security package.

In conclusion, all three packages assist in cybersecurity. The packages can protect my small business at home from hackers and other internet threats as I use public Wi-Fi at home. There is information that is personal and sensitive, especially my bank details and passwords. Thus, I require a Bitdefender internet security package. The Bitdefender packages are easy to install and have a friendly user interface that makes it easy to use.


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